Wyze Camera Not Connecting

Wyze Camera Not Connecting?


It is a pain and also degrades the security of your home when the camera is not connecting to the Wi-Fi network. But, because of some issues, it happens. Get to know those issues and learn some tips to fix this problem. 

Reasons And Solutions

A Wyze security camera allows you to keep an eye on your home when you are not there. It records and uploads videos using Wi-Fi. But its task fails to do when it faces a problem connecting to the Wi-Fi. These are some reasons, along with solutions, for your easy learning. 

Wi-Fi Network

Wyze Camera Not Connecting

The possible reason for not connecting the camera to the Wi-Fi is its GHz. This device works on a Wi-Fi network that provides 2.4 GHz. So if your router serves 5GHz, 5.5 GHz, or other Hzs that are more than 2.4 GHz, then the gadget will fail to join to it. 

So, you should provide the 2.4 GHz network to the device. To check the Hz of the Wi-Fi network, you need to download an app from the app store on your mobile. You will get many apps, download anyone and check your network’s Hz. 

You Need To Type The Correct Password

Another fact of this problem is that you need to type the exact password for connecting the device to the Wi-Fi. For example, if you enter one password for the camera but enter a Wi-Fi password, then the connection will not build up. So, ensure you have provided the correct password to the security device. 

Moreover, it will not link to the Wi-Fi if you enter the wrong Wi-Fi password. First, erase the network from the mobile to confirm the Wi-Fi password. It can be done by going to Wi-Fi settings and clicking ‘forget.’

Now, type the password and wait to connect the phone to Wi-Fi. If it is successful, then you know what the correct password is. 

Check The Security Protocol

Your Wyze camera will not connect to the Wi-Fi if its security protocol fails to meet its requirements. This type of device works only with WPA or WPA 2 protocol because of providing high security, whereas WEP offers less security. 

Which security type is your Wi-Fi providing to know? To know that, go to the Wi-Fi setting of the smartphone. Next, select the network name to which the phone is connected; it will show you the details of the network. 

These are the tips for solving the Wi-Fi non-connecting issue. Besides these, you can apply some other tricks too.

First, ensure your Wyze camera is turned on and the batteries are correctly installed. Then, if your camera fails to join the Wi-Fi network, try to reset it. Push the reset button and hold it for 10 seconds, and the device will start resetting. 

Still not having any luck? Provide your camera with another Wi-Fi network. If your camera can connect to the network but still has trouble connecting to the Wyze app, make sure you use the correct login information.

After applying every possible thing on your hand, if the problem is not fixed, go to Wyze cam’s support page or send mail to support@wyze.com.

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