Sony DSC H300 Lens Stuck

Sony DSC H300 Lens Stuck


The Sony DSC-H300, a digital camera, is best for point-and-shoot photography. You can take a picture having less blurred or make a 720p HD video with a 20.1-megapixel lens and a HAD CCD sensor. But you can not use the camera when the Sony DSC-H300 lens is stuck, and in this guideline, I will cover this problem with the solution.  Let’s dive into the conversation.

How Do You Solve the Sony DSC-H300 Lens Stuck Issue?

The lens of the Sony DSC H300 is stuck due to dust and sand particles taking place in the lens barrel, and do not let the lens extend or detract. This issue can be solved by following some simple steps. 

  • When this problem happens, turn the power off, remove the camera’s battery, and reinstall it. 
  • Press the power button to turn on the camera to see if the drive part of the camera makes the lens come out or not. 
  • If it is not, then you should go for resetting the camera. 

Things You Should Know 

Applying the force to the camera to insert or extend the camera’s lens is not a good idea. It will damage the internal mechanism of the device, especially the lens, which can not be changeable. 

Moreover, when the lens is stuck with debris or sand particles, sometimes it suggests you turn the camera off and then turn it on. If it shows this on display, then do it. 

How Do You Reset The Sony DSC H300?

Giving the camera a hard or factory reset will erase every customized setting you have done to it and turn it into the default state. You will have to set all the settings again to use the device according to your wish. 

To reset the Sony DHC H300, follow the rules-

  • Reset the camera by pressing the reset button located in the battery section. Search for the reset button under the battery, and the memory stick media cover after opening the lid of the battery compartment. 
  • You need a pointed object like a ballpoint pen to thumb the reset button. Set the pen on the reset button and retain it for 2 or 3 seconds, then release it. 

You can also do the factory reset from the camera menu. The process is-

  • Turn the camera on and press the ‘Menu’ to reach the setting.
  • Open the ‘Setting,’ then go to the ‘Initialize’ and press ‘OK.’ 


  • From ‘Menu,’ go to ‘Setup’ then ‘Initialize, where you have to select ‘Reset Default or ‘Factory Default.’


  • Choose ‘Setup’ from the ‘Menu’ option
  • Go to ‘Setting Reset’ and then navigate to ‘Camera Setting Reset or Initialize.’

You will find any of the following in your Sony DSC H300; follow the process to give the camera a factory reset. 


The Sony DSC H300 camera is best for capturing a crystal clear photo of the distant subject using the 35x optical zoom. Whenever you see the lens is not responding, apply the procedure or reset the camera to solve the problem. 

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