Sony A9 vs A7Riii

Sony A9 vs A7Riii – Learn Why You Should Pick Sony A9!


Sony A9 and A7Riii DSLRs will deliver you reliable performance even in a harsh environment. But we suggest you go with the Sony A9 rather than its competitor. 

Why do We suggest the Sony A9?

  • The Sony A9 is capable of capturing high-speed subjects at 20fps. While the Sony A7Riii has 10fps speed, thus you can capture more accurate & realistic images on this device. 
  • It combines with 693 focus points giving you the freedom to focus on a subject you want. Besides, its rival has 399 points. So, you will get superior results on this device since it has almost double the points rather than the A7R 3. 
  • You can record video in a 2160p resolution on this DSLR device. In contrast, A7R 3 device has a 1080p resolution. Hence, this device can deliver you a better video resolution with details. 
  • Sony A9 has improved the EVF compared to A7R iii. Its’ EVF function can load more information, such as – the autofocus. Furthermore, it will show how your image will be. 
  • It weighs 1.3 pounds. In contrast, its competitor is 1.45 pounds. And you should grab a camera that is comfortable to carry on the go. 

Sony A9 is packed with these great functions to take your experience to another level. That’s why we strongly recommend this device, so think about its excellent features before making your decision. 


Similar Features

  • Sony A9 and A7Riii cameras can capture up to 650 shots on a charge. 
  • Both of them are built with a touch screen adjustable display so that you can rotate the screen at any angle you need. Also, it lets you manually focus on the subject effortlessly. 
  • They feature a weather-sealed body which makes them very strong to withstand any weather. 
  • These two are combined with Wifi, NFC, and Bluetooth features for the fastest sharing.

Sony A9 vs A7Riii Quick Comparison Chart 

Specifications Sony A9  Sony A7Riii
Image Sony A9 vs A7Riii Sony A9 vs A7Riii
Editor’s Rating  4.8 out of 5  4.6 out of 5
Image Sensor  24.2MP 42.4MP
Focus Points  693 399
Continuous Shooting Speed 20 fps 10fps 
Video Capture Resolution 2160p 1080p
Weight  1.3 pounds 1.45 pounds
ISO Range  50-51200 50-51200
Image Stabilization  Yes Yes
Battery Life 650 shots 650 shots
Dual Card Slot  Yes Yes
Display Touch Touch
Tiltable Screen Yes Yes
Microphone & Headphone Port Yes Yes
NFC Sharing Yes Yes
Wifi Yes Yes
Bluetooth Yes Yes
Size 5.67 x 9.61 x 6.14 inches 5 x 3.87 x 3 inches
Weather-Sealed Yes Yes
Warranty  One Year One Year

Features & Benefits of  Sony A9 and A7Riii

Image Quality 

Both can give you incredible images, but the Sony A7R III is slightly better because it has a 42.4MP resolution. While the Sony A9 is built with a 24.2MP camera. 

However, Sony A7Riii may give you more image resolution, but the A9 has more focus points and faster-shooting speed. So, the S9 can deliver the images with details.

Sony S9 integrated with 693 focus points and 20fps. At the same time, its competitor has 399 focus points with 10fps shooting speed. That’s why the A9 could be your best bet. 

Image Stabilization

The image stabilization features reduce blurriness from images and provide clear, sharp, crisp photos even if the camera is moving. Fortunately, both Sony devices combine with this handy function. So if you are a newbie to photography or think your hand is shaking when holding the camera, this would help you.

Battery life 

Sony A9 and A7Riii batteries can hold a charge for up to 650 shots on a charge. This lifespan is good enough for any function since you can take photos confidently without worrying about the battery. 

These devices come with a battery, so you don’t need to purchase them separately. Anyhow, both cameras offer approximately two hours of charge while recording video. 


They have a tiltable screen that can rotate to any angle you need. An adjustable screen is convenient when it comes to capturing some tricky shots or recording video. 

Furthermore, they have a touchscreen feature that lets you use the devices effortlessly. You can also manually focus on specific areas you want or change any settings with no time.  

Video Quality 

Sony A9 can record video at 2160p resolution, besides the Sony A7Riii can record in 1080p. Two of them can record video at 24 and 30fps. But since the S9 has 2160p resolution, it also has more focus points to record video more clearly with details. 

Sharing Function

These devices are equipped with Wifi, NFC, and Bluetooth sharing options. Thus you can share pictures easily to any electronic device. But if you want to connect wifi to the camera, you need first to install an app on your smartphone. And then pair the device to the phone to use the wifi.

However, these sharing functions make it easier for you to transfer files within a matter of time. They also come with a USB cable, and you can share files via the cable.

Size & Weight 

When purchasing a camera, size & weight matter as it decides how comfortable your device would be to hold. Sony A9 and A7Riii are compact in size plus lightweight. 

The A9 measures 5.67 x 9.61 x 6.14 inches while A7Riii dimensions are 5 x 3.87 x 3 inches. Sony A9 weighs 1.3 pounds. Besides, its competitor is 1.45 pounds. If you are searching for a lightweight device, the Sony A9 should be your best choice. And if you are okay with a lightweight, you can either go with the Sony A7Riii. 


These Sony DSLRs have weather-sealed features that ensure durability. It means the device can withstand extreme heat or cold or rain to any harsh weather. Likewise, your devices won’t mind water or dust because they have rugged bodies. 

Moreover, you will get a limited one-year warranty, including a 30-days return policy. If you do not like or are used to the camera, you can replace it with a new one. Or return it and get a full refund. 

However, the warranty period will cover any manufacturer defects. But if you damage any parts, the warranty will be void. Remember, they do not offer an international warranty. Only USA users can claim it. 

Bottom Line

Sony A9 is an amazing device that combines with best features compared to the Sony A7Riii. It has more focus points, continuous shooting speed, and excellent video resolution to everything a DSLR should have. But if you need images with more details and can afford it, then select the Sony A7Riii. 

FAQs of Sony A9 vs A7Riii

Do they provide a battery and charger?

Yes, these two Sony cameras come with a battery and charger. 

Can I return the camera?

Yes, Sony offers a 30-days return policy. So if you do not like the device, then you can return it. 

Can I flip the screen of A7Riii?

Yes, the screen can be flipped up to 45-degree that is very useful while shooting tricky images or video. 

Can I capture a picture in Sony A9 without a lens?

No, you cannot take pictures without a lens in this device. You need to use an E-mount lens. 

Can I use the Sony A9 for landscape photos?

Yes, it can be used for landscape images, but the Sony A7R 3 is better for landscape.

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