Sony a7r2 vs a7r3

Sony a7r2 vs a7r3 – Know Why We have Chosen the Sony a7r3?


The Sony a7r2 and the Sony a7r3 are propertied with many unique features that give some stunning snaps. But, after testing all the advanced features of these DSLR cameras, we suggest you go with the Sony a7r3.

Why do we suggest the Sony a7r3?

  • Sony a7r3 offers you 425 focus points while its opponent, the Sony a7r2, can only provide 399 points. So, with the Sony a7r3, you can track and maintain focus even on moving objects. 
  • It can provide you with 10 frames per second; however, its brother camera can give you only 5 frames per second. Therefore, you will never miss any perfect moment; even you can capture fast-moving things.
  • This Sony DSLR camera has a 100 to 32,000 ISO range, but the Sony a7r2 has only a 100 to 25,000 ISO range. So, you can take some stunning snaps even in low-light circumstances.  
  • The Sony a7r3 can give you 650 shots per charge, while its brother can only provide 290 images per charge. Since the Sony a7r3 delivers longer battery backup, you can easily cover a wedding ceremony or any other day-long program. 
  • This Sony camera has been featured with a touchscreen that will allow you to adjust all kinds of settings. In contrast, with the Sony a7r2, you have to work using the buttons. 
  • The Sony a7r3 features Bluetooth that can help you easily share your files to your smart devices. But, the other one is missing this property.

Considering the above-mentioned improved features, we strongly recommend you go with the Sony a7r3. Need to know more about these DSLR cameras? Then go down to this article.

Similar Features of Sony a7r2 vs. a7r3

  • The Sony a7r2 and the Sony a7r3 come with 42.4 megapixels CMOS image sensors that will provide some stunning snaps with more details.  
  • The 5-axis image stabilization has propertied with these DSLR cameras, which will reduce the blurriness of videos or photos while taking the shots. 
  • You will get a built-in WiFi connection with these Sony DSLR cameras that can provide an advanced sharing option to your smart devices. 
  • These Sony devices will give you a one-year manufacturer’s warranty, but only US customers get the offer. If you find any manufacturers issues by this warranty period, you can use your card to get the free repair service.

These are the most valuable features and usabilities that have placed them at the top of the user interest list.

Sony a7r2 vs a7r3 Comparison Chart

Specification Sony a7r2 Sony a7r3
Image Sony a7r2 vs a7r3 Sony a7r2 vs a7r3
Editor’s Rating 4.6 out of 5 4.8 out of 5
Focus Point  399 425
Continuous Shooting Speed 5 fps 10 fps
ISO Range 100- 25,600 100-32,000
Battery Life 290 shots  650 shots
Touchscreen No  Yes 
Bluetooth No  Yes 
Self Timer  Yes, 2 seconds and 10 seconds Yes, 2 seconds, 5 seconds, and 10 seconds
Wi-Fi Connection Yes, Built-in  Yes, Built-in 
Product Weight 1.28 pounds 1.45 lbs
Video Resolution 4k (3840 x 2160 video resolution) 4k (3840 x 2160 video resolution)
Item Dimension 9.61 x 6.1 x 5.67 inches 5 x 3.87 x 3 inches
Effective pixels in Image Sensor 42.4 MP 42.4 MP
Wireless Communication Yes  Yes 
Clear Image Zoom Still images: Approx. 2x, Movies: Approx. 1.5x (4K), Approx. 2x (HD) Still images: Approx. 2x, Movies: Approx. 1.5x (4K), Approx. 2x (HD)
Screen Size 3 inches  3 inches 
Screen Type LCD LCD
Color  Black  Black 
Image Stabilization  Yes  yes
Dust and Moisture Resistance  Yes  Yes 
Anti-dust System and Coating  Yes  Yes 
Near Field Communication (NFC) Yes  Yes 
Warranty One year (only for the US) One year (only for the US)

Features & Benefits of Sony a7r2 and a7r3


The Sony a7r2 and the Sony a7r3 are black colored with different item weights. Here, the Sony a7r2 is a bit more lightweight than the Sony a7r3. The Sony a7r2 weighs 1.28 pounds with a 9.61 x 6.1 x 5.67 inches of dimension. On the other hand, the Sony a7r3is a bit heavier, and it weighs 1.5 pounds with 5 x 3.87 x 3 inches of its item dimension. 

Besides, you will get the Clear Image Zoom feature, which includes Still images: Approx. 2x, Movies: Approx. 1.5x (4K), Approx. 2x (HD).

Battery Life

It is essential to know the battery capabilities of a DSLR camera before buying. Because if you do not get a high-power battery, you will not be able to take many pictures with a charge; instead, you have to connect it for charging frequently. In this regard, the Sony a7r3 is a fantastic option for you. It offers you to click 650 times with a full charge, which means you can take so many pictures with this DSLR camera and work professionally. On the other hand, the Sony a7r2 will let you click only 290 times. So, it is better to go for the Sony a7r3, considering it’s battery-powered.  


The Sony a7r3 offers a touchscreen display that lets you control the setting and focus on the particular point of the pictures, while its opponent camera does not have this feature. Besides, these Sony cameras provide you with 3 inches of LCD to get a smooth user experience while working on the screen. 

ISO Range

In terms of ISO range, you should go with the Sony a7r3. This camera can offer you up to 100- 32,000 ISO range, perfect for taking some stunning snaps even in a low-light environment. But the Sony a7r2 will provide you with a 100-25,600 ISO range that can give you enough capacity to take a better image, but it is less capable than the Sony a7r3. That is why you can choose the Sony a7r3 considering this essential feature.

Video Recording

If you want to record video with these Sony brother cameras, you are on the right track. This time, these cameras are the same and can provide you with great clips. In addition, these cameras are capable of recording 4K resolution videos. Therefore, you can go with anyone if you consider this property. 

Image Sensor

The image sensor is one of the essential properties to check before buying a DSLR camera. This time, these Sony cameras can provide you with some excellent pictures maintaining high resolution as they are formed with 42.4 megapixels Exmor R CMOS sensor. So, go with any of these cameras to explore some of the best places in the world.


You will get built-in WiFi connectivity and Near Field Communication (NFS) to share your snaps to your smart devices within no time. Besides, with the Sony a7r3, you will get another option to transfer the data by Bluetooth connectivity, while the Sony a7r2 does not have this essential capability. 

Continuous Shooting Performance

The continuous shooting performance will tell you how fast you can take images with a particular DSLR camera. In this regard, the Sony a7r3 can let you take 10 frames per second which means you can take some fantastic shots, even fast-moving things. On the other hand, the Sony a7r2 can provide you only 5 frames per second, which is low compared to its brother DSLR camera. 

Special Feature

With these two DSLR cameras, you will get a unique Dust and Moisture Resistance feature. So, you can use these cameras in any condition, and you won’t need to worry about the weather. 


Providing guarantees of a product may help us predict the item’s durability. So, you need to know it before making a buying decision. This time, these Sony DSLR cameras are providing you a one-year manufacturer warranty, but you must be from the United States of America. Plus, you have to keep the warranty card, but the company won’t provide you with this free repair service if you intentionally damage the camera. 

Final Word

In the end, I would say if you want to have a great user experience with your DSLR camera, you must go with the Sony a7r3, considering its excellent features mentioned above. This camera will provide you with 425 focus points that can help you click some beautiful images, even the moving objects, plus it gives you ten frames per second, will let you take more snaps quickly, and even you can capture fast-moving things. 

In addition to that, the 32,000 ISO range can let you take some stunning pictures even the low light circumstances, and you can take up to 650 photos with a full charge. Besides, this camera has an autofocus facility that will focus automatically when needed, and you change any setting by touching the screen. Finally, and most importantly, you can transfer your data with Bluetooth connectivity. 

But, if you are satisfied with the Sony a7r2, you can go with it either. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Sony a7r2 vs a7r3

How long does the manufactory warranty the Sony a7r2 have?

The Sony Sony a7r2 comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty, but this guarantee is only for US customers.

Does the Sony a7r2 shoot slow-motion video?

Yes, the Sony a7r2 can slow motion in 1080p but not 4k.

 Which is better, the Sony a7r2 or the Sony a7r3, for pictures?

Both are excellent cameras for still photography. The Sony a7r3 offers an extremely high-resolution ISo range with excellent low-light performance. In contrast, the Sony a7r2 features a lower ISO range that delivers superior image quality even in low-light places. 

 What is in the box of the Sony a7r2 and Sony a7r3? 

There are many things provided in the box; like a battery charger with a power cord, a neck strap, a USB-C cable, and a thing you attach to the camera to keep USB/HDMI cords from pulling out (proper if you do a lot of tethered shooting.), and also a manual. 

Did the Sony a7r3 camera have a german language menu?

Yes, it does have the German language.

 Is there still a 4k recording time limit with the Sony a7r3?

Yes, the Sony a7r3 does have a 4k recording limit. 

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