Sony a6100 vs a6400

Sony a6100 vs a6400 – Check Why Sony a6400 is Best!


Sony a6100 and a6400 cameras have many similar features, that’s why it will be tough to determine the best one. After comparing both we found the Sony a6400 comes with some improved functions that make it the best.

What Features Made Sony a6400 Best?

  • Sony a6400 camera comes with an Anti-Dust system that can automatically remove the dust from the sensor; hence the sensor can operate perfectly. But this system isn’t available in a6100.
  • You can expand a6400’s ISO range to 102400, which enables you to capture sharp images in low light, whereas a6100’s increased ISO range is only 51200.
  • This device’s Viewfinder comes with 2.36 million dots, and a6100’s resolution is only 1.44 million dots. Therefore, a6400’s electronic Viewfinder provides a better preview of the objects than an a6100 camera. 
  • Sometimes Sony a6100 camera becomes heated after recording videos for only 20 minutes, but you won’t find this problem in a6400.

So, you can see that the Sony a6400 camera has an upgraded Anti-Dust system, a higher ISO range, and an electronic viewfinder with better resolution. Therefore, we recommend the Sony a6400 camera. Otherwise, you can choose the Sony a6100 camera if you prefer a mic terminal and lightweight.

Similar Features

  • Sony a6100 and a6400 camera have 24.2 Megapixels CMOS sensor that provides you with high-resolution images and videos. 
  • Both cameras can produce JPEG and Raw files. 
  • Thirteen picture effects in these devices will help you explore your imagination. 
  • They have a Fast Hybrid AF with 425 points; hence you can accurately focus on any particular object. 
  • Both cameras can record 4K resolution videos equivalent to 6K resolution. 
  • Their drive speed is 11 frames per second, ensuring the perfect shot of any fast-moving things. 
  • They Support NFC, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi connections for fast transfer of files and remote shooting. 
  • Both devices can operate at any challenging temperature, like 32 to 104 degrees F. 
  • One year limited warranty is provided with these cameras.

Sony a6100 and a6400 Quick Comparison

Specifications  Sony a6100 Sony a6400
Image Sony a6100 vs a6400 Sony a6100 vs a6400
Editor’s ratings  4.8 4.8
Weight (Including Battery and SD card)  396 grams  403 grams 
Dimension  Approx. 120.0mm x 66.9mm x 59.4mm Approx. 120.0mm x 66.9mm x 59.7mm
Image sensor  Exmor CMOS sensor Exmor CMOS sensor
Number of effective pixels 24.2 Megapixels  24.2 Megapixels 
Total pixels  25.0 Megapixels  25.0 Megapixels 
Image sensor size  APS-C type (23.5 x 15.6mm) APS-C type (23.5 x 15.6mm)
Anti-Dust system  No  Yes 
Still Image Format  JPEG and RAW  JPEG and RAW 
Picture Effect  13 Types  13 Types 
Image Processor  Bionz X Bionz X
Video recording capacity  4K resolution  4K resolution 
Multi frame Noise reduction  ISO 100-51200 ISO 100-102400
Focus Type  Fast Hybrid AF ( Phase and contrast detection)  Fast Hybrid AF ( Phase and contrast detection)
Focus Points  425 Points  425 Points 
Auto ISO range ( Still Images)  100-32000 100-32000
Expanded ISO range  51200 102400
ViewFinder type  1.0 cm ( 0.39-type) EVF  1.0 cm ( 0.39-type) EVF
Viewfinder Resolution  1.44 Million dots 2.36 Million dots
Viewfinder Brightness control  5 steps  5 Steps
LCD monitor type 7.5cm (3.0-type) wide type TFT 7.5cm (3.0-type) wide type TFT
LCD resolution  0.92 Million dots  0.92 Million dots 
LCD adjustable angles  Up by 180 degrees and Down by 74 degrees  Up by 180 degrees and Down by 74 degrees
Touch panel  Yes  Yes
Shutter Speed  1/4000 to 30 sec ( Still Images)  1/4000 to 30 sec ( Still Images) 
Silent shooting mode  Available  Available
Image Stabilization  No ( supported on the lens) No ( supported on the lens) 
Continuous Drive Speed  11 Frames per second  11 Frames per second
NFC, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth  Supported  Supported 
Mic Terminal  Yes ( 3.5mm Stereo mini jack)  No 
Supplied Battery  NP-FW50 ( Rechargeable )  NP-FW50 ( Rechargeable )
Battery life for still Images  380 Shots ( approximately)  360 Shots ( approximately) 
Battery life for movie recording  70 Minutes  70 Minutes 
Operating temperature  32 – 104 degrees F 32 – 104 degrees F
Warranty period  One year limited  One year limited 

Features & Benefits of Sony a6100 and a6400 camera

Weight and Size

The weight of the Sony a6100 is 396 grams, and a6400 weighs 403 grams. Besides, a6100’s dimension is 120.0mm x 66.9mm x 59.4mm ( approximately) and a6400 comes with 120.0mm x 66.9mm x 59.7mm size. Therefore, these cameras don’t have many differences in their weight and dimension, but both are very handy and comfortable to use. 

Image sensor and ISO range

Both cameras are updated with 24.2 Megapixels APS-C type Exmor CMOS sensors, and they have a total of 25.0 megapixels. So they can capture sharp and high-resolution images and videos. Besides, these devices’ ISO range ( auto) is 100-32000, but a6400’s ISO range can be expanded to 102400, whereas a6100’s increased ISO range is only 51200. Therefore, the Sony a6400 provides better performance in low light than the other one. 

Image Processor and Continuous drive speed

Sony a6100 and a6400 cameras are formed with a BIONZ X image processing engine that produces crisp, sharp images with superb image clarity and texture reproduction. In addition, it reduces noise from the photos.

Again, the Sony a6100 and a6400 cameras’ continuous drive speed is 11 frames per second. Here, the Continuous drive speed of these devices helps you to capture accurately any fast-moving objects. Yet, they don’t have an image stabilization feature, but you can use a lens to have Image stabilization. 

LCD monitor and Viewfinder

Both cameras have a 7.5cm LCD monitor ( 3.0-type), with 0.92 million dots. Besides, their LCD monitor can be adjusted up by 180 degrees and down by 74 degrees which helps you shoot frames differently. Furthermore, touch panels enable you to control and focus with your hands.

Sony a6100 and a6400 come with a 1.0cm electronic viewfinder, but a6400 has better resolution ( 2.36 Million dots) than the a6100 ( 1.44 Million dots) camera. Furthermore, They have NFC for fast transfer and Wi-FI and Bluetooth for remote shooting. 

Battery and warranty

Sony a6400 and a6100 cameras have NP-FW50 rechargeable batteries as you can capture almost 380 frames with a6100 and 360 shots with a6400. But this battery will provide you enough power to record videos for 70 minutes. Moreover, you will get a one-year limited warranty with these cameras; hence you can repair your camera from the company by following their conditions. 


Both cameras are popular in the market, but if you prefer the best, then you should go for the Sony a6400 camera as this camera has unique and more work-friendly features than the other one. Yet, the Sony a6100 is also a good choice.

Frequently Asked Questions about Sony a6100 and a6400

How many picture effects are available in an a6400 camera? 

You will find 13 picture effects with this camera which enables you to capture images with various modes.  

How many frames can I catch with a6400? 

The a6400 camera has an NP-FW50 rechargeable battery, as you can capture up to 360 photos by charging the battery once. 

Can I manually increase the ISO range of a6100? 

Yes, this device’s ISO range can be expanded to 51200.

Do these cameras have an Image stabilization feature? 

They don’t have image stabilization features, yet you can use the lens for this feature. 

Does an a6100 camera have an anti-dust system? 

No, this camera doesn’t have this feature, but you will find this feature in a6400.

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