Sony a6000 vs a6100

Sony a6000 vs a6100 – Learn Why We Recommend Sony a6100!


We have compared the main features of Sony a6000 and a6100 mirrorless cameras and found some advanced features in the Sony a6100 camera. That’s why we strongly suggest you go with the Sony a6100.

Why We Suggest Sony a6100?

  • With this camera, you can record 4k resolution (3840 x 2160) videos with a cinematic look, whereas the Sony a6000 has the competence to record only Full HD videos. 
  • Sony a6100 camera comes with Fast Hybrid Auto Focus with 425 focus points, enabling you to focus more accurately than the Sony a6000 camera with only 179 points.
  • This device has a Silent shooting feature; as a result, you can silence the sound of the shutter and take photos of your sleeping child or animals. On the other hand, you won’t find this feature in the Sony a6000 camera. 
  • You can manually adjust the white balance of the Sony a6100 camera by eliminating the color cast. But the Sony a6000 doesn’t have this setting.
  • Sony a6100’s LCD monitor supports touch operations as you can set the focus points, release the focus shutter, and activate Real-time AF. But the Sony a6000 doesn’t have a touch panel.
  • You can click up to 380 photos with Sony a6100, whereas with a6000, you can shoot only 360 images. Therefore, the Sony a6100 has better battery optimization than its competitor camera.

Now, you can see that the Sony a6100 has better and updated features than the Sony a6000 camera. So, if you want to have a smooth photographic experience, you should go for the Sony a6100 camera. But, if you have a budget problem, you may consider a Sony a6000 camera.


Similar Features

  • Both devices have a 24 Megapixel Exmor CMOS sensor; hence they can produce quality photos with high resolution.
  • Their continuous shooting speed rate is 11 frames per second, as they are capable of capturing images of any fast-moving object. 
  • You will find a 0.39”-type electronic viewfinder in these cameras that enable you to see the object clearly with accurate detailing. 
  • They have NFC, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi compatibility for better file sharing and remote shooting. 
  • Sony Company provides a one-year limited warranty with them so that you will have a hustle-free service for one year from the date of purchase.

Sony a6000 and Sony a6100 Quick Comparision

Specifications  Sony a6000 Sony a6100
Editor’s ratings  4.7 out of 5  4.9 out of 5
Video resolution Full HD  4K 
Auto Focus points  179 points  425
White Balance Settings  No  Yes 
ISO range ( Still Image)  100-25600 100-32000
Silent Shooting feature  No  Yes 
Battery life for still Image  360 Photos  380 Photos 
Drive Speed  11 frames per second  11 frames per second
Viewfinder Type  0.39″-type electronic viewfinder 0.39″-type electronic viewfinder
Image Stabilization  Not supported  Not supported 
Image Sensor  Exmor CMOS ( APS-C)  Exmor CMOS ( APS-C)
Effective Pixels in Sensor  24.3 Megapixels  24.2 Megapixels 
LCD monitor  7.5cm (3.0-type) wide type TFT 7.5cm (3.0-type) wide type TFT
Touch Panel  No  Yes 
Warranty policy  One-year limited One-year limited 

Features & Benefits of  Sony a6000 and Sony a6100 

Weight and Size

Sony a6100 camera weighs Approx. 396 grams, and its size are 120.0mm x 66.9mm x 59.4mm. Another side, the weight of the Sony a6000 camera is 344 grams (approximately), and it comes with 120 x 66.9 x 45.1 mm. So though the Sony a6100 has a bigger size and is a little heavier than the a6000, it provides you fantastic hand grip and won’t face any discomfort. 

Image Sensor and ISO range

Both cameras come with 24 Megapixels (APS-C size) Exmor CMOS sensor, and this sensor can produce stunning images and videos with high resolution. Besides, for still photos, Sony a6100’s ISO sensitivity range is 100-32000, and this range can be expanded to 51200.

Besides Sony a6000 camera comes with a 100-25600 ISO range, and you can increase it to 51200. Therefore, both devices are capable of taking sharp images in low-lighting situations for this ISO range. Again, you can record 4K resolution videos with an a6100 camera, whereas an a6000 camera can record maximum full HD resolution.

Image Processor and Continuous Shooting Speed Rate

These devices are formed with a newly developed BIONZ X image processing engine that helps to reproduce textures and details in real-time. Besides, it will reduce noise from the images and videos plus optimizes the performance of any lens you mount.

They have 11 frames per second continuous shooting speed rate that helps to take perfect shots of any fast-moving objects. But, again, you have to use a lens for the image stabilization features as they don’t have in-body image stabilization. 

Battery Power and Warranty Policy

Sony a6100 and a6000 cameras have one NP-FW50 rechargeable battery, but the Sony a6100 has better optimization than its competitor as you can click 380 photos with it, whereas a6000’s battery provides power for 360 shots. Furthermore, you will get a one-year limited warranty with them. 

LCD Monitor and Electronic Viewfinder

They have a 3.0″ broad type TFT LCD with 921.6K dots, and you can manually tilt the monitor plus record videos at different angles. In addition, they come with a 0.39″-type electronic viewfinder, which helps you view the subjects with accurate detailing. 


So, you can see that; the Sony a6100 camera has better video resolution, more accurate focus points, robust battery optimization, and many more advanced settings, which aren’t available in the Sony a6000 camera. Hence,  you should choose the Sony a6100 camera. Otherwise, you can consider an a6000, but you won’t have these unique features available in the Sony a6100 camera.

Frequently Asked Questions about Sony a6000 and a6100 

Between the a6000 and a6100 cameras, which one has in-body Image stabilization? 

These cameras don’t have Image stabilization, yet you can use a lens for this feature. 

What is the battery power of the Sony a6100 camera? 

This camera comes with an NP-FW50 rechargeable battery that provides enough power to click 380 photos. 

Can I record 4K resolution videos with a6000? 

No, this camera can record Full HD videos, but the Sony a6100 has the capability to record 4K resolution videos. 

What is the LCD resolution of the Sony a6100? 

Sony a6100 comes with a 7.35cm wide type TFT LCD monitor with 921.6K dots. So, you can view your captured images with full details and stunning sharpness. 

What is the ISO range of the Sony a6100 camera? 

This camera’s ISO range is 100-32000, plus you can increase this range to 51200.

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