How To Get Perfect Exposure With Nikon D850's Metering Modes

How To Get Perfect Exposure With Nikon D850’s Metering Modes


To get the perfect exposure with the Nikon D850 camera, you need to know the four metering modes available on every Nikon device. Each one of these modes is designed for a different type of photography, and each one will produce a different result. In this guideline, you will walk through all four metering modes and how to use them for perfect exposure. 

Four Metering Modes of Nikon D850 DSLR

The Nikon D850 gadget includes metering modes like Matrix metering, center-weighted metering, spot metering, and the last metering is highlight-weighted. The first three meters are common to every camera brand, but Nikon cameras consist of one extra meter, the highlight-weight meter. They are in detail as follows-  

Matrix metering: It is the default metering mode on the Nikon D850, and it’s designed for general photography. The camera collects information like brightness, distance, color, etc., from the whole frame and fixes the exposure according to the gathered data. 

Center-weighted metering: This metering mode is used for portraits or other photography where the subject is in the center of the frame. It determines the shutter speed and aperture based on the facts collected from the center of the frame. 

Spot metering: This metering mode is the best for specific photography, like macro or astrophotography. When the subject is tiny and occupies a small space at the center of the frame, the device assembles details about the target and sets the exposure. 

Highlight-weighted metering: you need to depend on the highlight-weight metering of the gadget to take high-contrast photography like sunset or sunrise photography. It searches for the frame’s luminous areas to collect details necessary for setting the exposure. 

So, how do you use these metering modes for perfect exposure? First, let’s take a look.

Matrix metering: This is the most accessible metering mode for perfect exposure. The gadget will rearrange the aperture and the shutter speed without your help. But the one thing you will have to do is point the device to the target and capture it. 

Center-weighted metering: It is a bit more challenging to use, but it’s still possible to get perfect exposure. Just ensure the object is centered and the camera focuses on it. Then it amalgamates information and sets the exposure based on that. 

Spot metering: The most challenging metering mode is spot metering. It depends on the small areas of the center of the frame for readings and rearranges the shutter speed and aperture. Ensure the subject is centered when you are pointing the device to it. 

Highlight-weighted metering: A new kind of metering mode is a highlight-weighted metering mode that Nikon cameras offer. This new mode helps you to take a picture of a subject, ensuring that the target will not be overexposed or washed out. 

The highlight metering mode works based on the contrast of the subject. When you hold the camera and point it at the object, this mode looks for high contrast, which exposes your photo correctly. Moreover, it is also capable of doing its work even if the subject is in motion.  

When should you use each metering mode?

How To Get Perfect Exposure With Nikon D850's Metering Modes

Matrix metering is an excellent all-purpose setting that will work well in most situations. This is a good place to start if you’re unsure which metering mode to use or if you’re just starting.

Center-weighted metering can be helpful when you’re trying to expose a subject that is off to one side of the frame. This metering mode is ideal for shooting portraits. 

Spot metering is advantageous when you need to be precise with your exposure, such as when you’re shooting in low light or trying to expose a specific part of the scene.

Highlight-weighted metering is an excellent choice to avoid blowing out the highlights in your image. You need to use this particular mode to focus on the specific target, like a dancer or singer on the stage or a spot-lit bride in her wedding dress. In addition, this metering mode is also suitable for pointing at the subject by removing focusing on the dark background. 

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