How To Use Nikon D750

How To Use Nikon D750


Nikon D750 is one of the best cameras that comes on the market. This camera offers you a 24.3-megapixel lens with a CMOS sensor and a 1x optical zoom. In addition, you can record full HD videos or shoot images at 1920x 1080 pixels. But these features will be worth it when you know how to use Nikon D750. 

In this guideline, you are provided with some basic features that may help you begin your photography with it. Let’s start the discussion to know about the Nikon D750 DSLR camera. 

Primary Setup For Usage 

The Nikon D750 comes with a strap, charger, power cable or a wall adaptor, main body, and lens. The first thing you should do is attach the strap and charge the battery. On the camera body, two holes are given on two sides for attaching the belt. 

After attaching the belt, pay attention to charging the battery. The battery of the camera is not fully charged. So, you need to charge the battery. When the battery is drained thoroughly, it will take two hours and thirty-five minutes to charge.

If the camera has an AC adaptor, then set the battery to the charger, attach the AC adaptor to the required place of the charger and plug it into the wall socket after sliding the adaptor’s latch and rotating to the 90-degree angle. 

Again, If the device has a power cable instead of an adaptor, insert the line’s cord into the port and set it to the outlet. The charging light will flash while it gets power, and the light will stand still when charging is completed. 

Now, remove the battery from the charger and insert it into the camera’s battery terminal after opening the camera cover and closing the lid when inserted. This shooting device can use two SD cards simultaneously with multiple card slots. Install the card into slot one and conceal the area if you use one or two. 

how to use Nikon D750
how to use Nikon D750

The lens given with the camera is needed to be adjusted to it. Therefore, the bottom of the lens and camera are covered with the cap. Caps are given for not to enter dust particles. While adjusting the lens, ensure the caps of both are removed. Next, attach the lens align the mounting marks, and rotate until it properly sets.  

Use the power button to turn on the camera. When the device is powered up, its monitor will suggest you set the time, language, and others. Set them using the multi-selectors and the ‘OK’ button. 

The last thing is to make the viewfinder eligible to focus. When the camera is new, the viewfinder is not set, and you will have to adjust it using the diopter beside the viewfinder. Continue rotating the key until you confirm the autofocus of the viewfinder is sharp enough. 

How Do You Format The SD Card On Nikon D750? 

Formatting the SD card is necessary before letting it save pictures or videos the camera has recorded. The formatting process should be done from this device, not from the other device or computer. It helps the card be perfect for the machine and lessens card-related issues.

You can format the card in two ways. One method is to apply the conventional way, and the other is to format the card using buttons. The most used form of formatting is, Press the ‘Menu’ button and choose the ‘Setup menu.’ 

You will be suggested to choose a card slot as it consists of two spaces for cards. For example, if you use one card in slot 1, select slot 1, and when you insert two cards, first format the first one and then format the next. Use the main command dial to move from one slot to another. 

The second method is using physical buttons to format the card. In this camera, the delete button acts as a format button. There is also another button that is located next to the record button. 

how to use Nikon D750

Push and hold the two buttons simultaneously and wait to see a line ‘For’ appear on the shutter speed displays in the viewfinder and the control panel. Then, simultaneously press the same buttons for six seconds to stop blinking. When the task ends, ‘For’ will stop flashing and disappear.

How Do You Use Point-And-Shoot Photography In Nikon D750? 

Point-and-shoot photography is the use of the automatic mode feature that is given in a Nikon D750 DSLR camera. In this feature, you don’t need to be concerned about the subject’s sharpness, depth of the field, light, and others. 

It automatically focuses on the subject, adjusts everything an ideal photo needs, and allows you to shoot. Moreover, the device uses flash while taking pictures if it finds the light is insufficient in low-light photography. 

You can also capture the object in a low light situation without using the flash if you want. You must set the camera to automatic mode to use this excellent feature. When the camera is used for the first time, you will find the camera is in default mode, which you should change. 

How To Use Nikon D750

First, press the lock dial button to release the dialer to change the mode, then rotate the dialer to set it to auto mode. If you want to use the auto mode without flash, then the same thing is applicable. Next, revolve the key and place it in a flash-off manner.

Hold the camera with two hands and close to your body so it will not be prone to shake while capturing an image. Ensure the target you focus on is in a camera’s AF area brackets. Next, press the shutter button halfway to confirm the subject. Then, push the shutter button again, but in a complete way to capture. 

It will take seconds to finish the task and save it to the memory card. After that, the shooted image will be displayed for some time and removed from it. If you want to see it more, press the playback button on the camera’s body to revive the captured picture. 

How Do You Match Settings To The Subject Or Situation? 

If you want to match the setting to the subject or situation or show creativity in photography, then the screen mode best suits your choice. When you set the camera to screen mode, you permit the device to adjust itself to the situation or demand. 

It offers you to use multiple options to use. For example, you can take a picture using landscape or portrait mode or shoot a running thing using sports mode. Just rotate the dialer and mark it in the ‘Screen’ mode. 

How Do You Take Photographs In A Live View? 

The live view option of this camera is another exciting feature. This quality of the camera sets you free from looking through the viewfinder and gives your eyes rest. You can see the target on the display camera focuses and understand the image if it looks good or not. 

First, rotate the live view selector and select the live view mode to use this feature. The monitor will display the image, and you cannot use the viewfinder to see the object. Instead, hold and let the camera focus on the concerned target. 

If the device finds the goal, it will show a green light when you press the shutter button halfway. The light will be red if it is unable to get the object. It also locks the target when you push the shutter button, not the whole way. 

Press the shutter button in full force to capture a picture. If you want to exit the live view mode, press the same button and return to the default position. 

How Do You Record Movies In A Live View? 

You can also record videos through the live view feature. The process is the same as live view photography to convert the camera to the recording mode. First, turn the live view selector to the video mode and press the live view button on the camera’s body. 

The device sets to the recording manner. Use the Red button to begin recording or stop recording. If you want to focus on a subject that is moving or not, use the AF-S mode or AF-F button. Select the AF-Area for a particular area. Use the same live view button to exit the recording. 


I hope you have got enough information about the Nikon D750 DSLR camera. It is light in weight with a tilting screen, and its functions are user-friendly, so you will get hassles using it. 

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