How To Use Nikon D5600

How To Use Nikon D5600


In this article, I will guide you on how to use this camera as an entry-level device on a mid-range budget in the camera market. With the 24.2 megapixels effective still resolutions and Expeed 4 image processor, you can make videos or use it as a webcam for live streaming, etc. 

What Is The Best Setting For Making Videos With Nikon D5600? 

While making videos with this camera, you will have to focus on some necessary things. They are ISO, aperture, frame rate, white balance, etc. These things are essential parts of making videos great. 

Besides these, you also have to consider other situations, which will be discussed along with the necessary settings. The first thing you should consider for making videos is the frame rate. With this camera, you can shoot full HD videos at different rates.

The frame rate starts from 60fps and descends to 24fps. Moreover, the frame rate will go up or down based on resolutions. For example, if you choose FHD resolutions, you can use 60fps- to 24fps. 

If you use the camera for making videos regularly, set the frame rate to 24, or choose the frame rate of 60 if you want to insert smooth slow-motion video. This can be done from the movie setting option.

Press the Menu button, select the shooting menu, and get the Movie setting where you can choose your desired frame rate. 

You should not compromise the quality of the video. However, the video will be the best if its quality is set to a high level. This setting is to be found on the movie set. One thing is to be noted when you choose high-quality video; you should provide the camera with an SD card with massive storage.

Because the high-quality picture will take up much space, do not forget to set the level of the in-built microphone too high. The microphone level can be lifted to 12, which is the highest level. 

Keep the microphone level high if you are shooting outside, or set the stage to 10 while inside to get a clear sound with less noise. And always keep the manual movie setting on. It will help you to change the exposure when you need it. Otherwise, you will have to stop recording to change settings which kills your time. 

How To Use Nikon D5600

In addition, there is an option for the wind noise in the movie setting menu. Keep the wind noise option on. It will let the in-built microphone get accurate sound, reducing the wind noise.

Moreover, you may see the exposure is not in a static condition while shooting. It goes dimmed when the camera senses light or turns bright when it comes into a dark place. Therefore, it is not a good thing to record a video. 

It can be solved from the custom setting menu. In this menu, select the controls option and then choose the Assign AE-L/AF-L button. Enter it and activate the AE lock (hold). By doing this, you will not get the exposure problem in different light situations. 

The second thing you should do is keep the camera’s ISO low. If the ISO of the device is in Auto, then change it and set it to 100. The benefit of low ISO is the recorded video will be clean and not face noise or grain issues. 

You can alter the ISO according to the demand. If you see the situation is not suitable for making videos, then increase the ISO. When the point is white balance, it should be Auto. Now ensure the necessary things and make the best videos.

How To Use Nikon D5600 As A Webcam 

If you want to use your Nikon D5600 as a webcam for live streaming or to make video conversations through Facebook messenger, Skype, or any other social media, then you can do that. 

This gear lets you connect it to Mac or Windows computers through a capture card or plug-and-play method. The plug-and-play way is a simple process to follow. First, an app needs to be downloaded and installed on your computer.

But it will not give you better video quality, whereas an HDMI method will complete your satisfaction. So I will focus on two ways and things you need to make the camera compatible with webcamming. 

You need these things if you choose plug and play method-

  • USB cable 
  • Nikon utility software.

While choosing the HDMI method, ensure you have these items-

  • Capture card
  • HDMI to USB cable 
  • AC adapter 
  • Fully charged battery 
  • Tripod 

Let’s discuss the first method-

Step 1: Download 

The first thing you should do is download the utility software. This software is provided for both Mac and Windows OS. You can search the app by Nikon Utility app or go to Nikon’s leading site. After downloading, and installing the app on your computer, restart the computer.

Step 2: Connect The Camera To The Computer. 

You need to establish contact with the camera to the computer with a USB cable. Use the USB cable that comes with the Nikon Device. Insert one cable end into the camera and another into the computer. 

Step 3: Place The Camera On A Tripod 

Take the camera, and set it on the tripod to give the device a steady position. Place the gadget along with the tripod in the position you want. Attach an external microphone to the gear if you wish. 

Step 4: Turn On The Camera And Enable The Video Mode

Power on the camera and turn the dialer to get the video mode. Otherwise, the camera will not be converted to a webcam. One more thing you have to do is disable the power-saving option and set the camera to the maximum time. 

It can be done from the setup menu. First, open the custom setting menu and go to the Timer/AE lock. Then select the Auto off timers and later choose Custom. From Custom, go to live view and set 30 minutes. 

It will help the camera stay for a long time and not suddenly shut down. So you can chat with another person seamlessly without interruption or shutting off method. 

Step 5: Enable The Utility App As A Webcam

The gear is ready to perform as a webcam. Now open any video calling app and select the video setting of it. From there, mark the Nikon utility app as a webcam. 

The second method is-

Step 1: Attach The Capture Card To The Computer

How To Use Nikon D5600

While applying the second process, you will need a compatible capture card to link the camera to the computer. It will connect the gear and the computer and work as a medium to transfer information from one device to another. 

AJA U- TAP HDMI, AVerMedia ExtremeCap UVC-BU110, Elgato Cam Link, and Magewell USB capture are some names of capture cards that are best for this gadget. You can take anyone to use and connect to the computer’s USB port. 

Step 2: Connect The Camera To The Card.

In a capture card, there is a port to insert one end of the HDMI into a USB cable. Ensure the camera is turned off and connect it to the card with the cable. 

Turn on the camera and set it to live view mode. In this camera, a live view button is given. When you press this button, the camera turns into live view mode.  

Step 3: Choose A Capture Card From An App’s Video Setting Option

You will see a capture card icon on the computer display. Click on the icon and follow the procedures to allow it to run on the computer. Now choose the camera as a webcam from a video setting of an app. 

You will not get the camera name, but you will find the name of the inputted card. Select the card and enable the gear for live streaming. 

Important Thing: 

Change the duration time of the live view of the camera for not facing the abrupt shutting off while using it. Use an AC adaptor to give the camera power supply and an external microphone to get a clear sound. 

The built-in microphone in a gadget is not suitable for web streaming. However, using a microphone is the best decision if you want crystal-clear sound. 


The Nikon D5600 DSLR camera has a touchscreen facility with which you can capture photos or instruct the camera you want to focus on. Moreover, the webcamming feature of this device will give you a decent look while video chatting. Follow the steps to use it for use this facility. 

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