How To Use Nikon D3200

How To Use Nikon D3200

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The Nikon D3200 DSLR camera comes with a 24.2-megapixel lens, 3x zoom, and many other features that will be your best choice for photography. You can take snaps or record videos with it. But before that, you should know how to use Nikon D3200. 

Read the guideline to know this device’s features and learn how to utilize them. 

Things To Know For Using The Nikon D3200 

These are the following issues you should consider for operating the device. 

Initial Settings For Nikon D3200

Attaching the straps, inserting the battery and the SD card, and adjusting the lens are the initial settings for Nikon D3200. 


The first thing you should do before using the Nikon D3200 is to attach it with the straps. It is given with the device and assures you of safety, hands-free facility, and stabilization. 

The Nikon D3200 DSLR camera is not much heavy, but still, its weight is countable. When you use to attach the strap to the camera, it allows you to transfer the load to your shoulders and neck. Moreover, it helps you make your hands free and reduces the risk of destroying or damaging the device after falling to the ground. 

In addition, it gives you stabilization in capturing photos. For example, using the strap to circle your hand makes the camera steady and does not allow it to shake. As a result, the picture you captured does not shake. 

You will see two holes on both sides of the camera’s body that are made for the strap to insert and fasten. Next, take the belt, insert the two sides of it into the hole and joint the strap to the device. 

Battery And The SD Card

The battery is the energy source of the camera. From here, the camera gets the power to turn on and do other functions. Unfortunately, the battery that has come with the camera is not fully charged. So you have to give the battery a full charge.

Use the given charger to charge the battery. Set the battery to the charger and insert the charger into the wall socket. If you have the plug adaptor, adjust it to the charger and fit it to the wall socket. If the battery power is drained, it takes one and a half hours to get the total capacity. 

When the battery is fully charged, remove it from the charger and open the cover of the battery terminal of the camera to insert it. After placing the battery into the device, conceal it with the lid. Ensure the battery is appropriately set into the camera; otherwise, the machine will not get power. 

Insert the SD card into the device. The Nikon D3200 is compatible with regular SD cards, SDHC cards, and SDXC cards with 16 GB to 128 GB. The Nikon D3200 has a specific SD card placement, and that is in the area of the buttons. Slide the cover of the SD port to open up and attach the lid after inserting the card into the terminal. 

You need to format the SD card from this device if it is used for the first time or though you have formatted it from the computer or the other cameras. This formatting process will clean all the saved data in the memory card and eliminate corruption issues happening in the future in the camera. 

The formatting process of the SD card from the Nikon D3200 DSLR camera will be given in the last segment. 

Attach The Lens

Now attach the lens to the main body. It is the thing that light enters first and then drives to the computer chip for sensing it. The main body is concealed with a cap that prevents dust and other particles from entering the camera. 

Open the cap, set the lens aligning the point on the main body, and keep rotating until it creates a ‘Click; sound to confirm the lens is fitted correctly. 

Set The Language, Time, And Date

When you turn the camera on, the first thing you will see on display is the device is suggesting you set up the language, time, and date. Use the multi-selector buttons and the ‘OK’ button to set the language, time, and other settings. 

Make The Viewfinder Ready To Focus

The focal point and the viewfinder are not set and not ready to use when the device is uncovered to capture photos or make videos. You will have to adjust the focal point and the viewfinder using the diopter adjustment control. It is a wheel that is located beside the viewfinder. 

Rotate the diopter until the viewfinder and the focal point is in the same line to give the sharp focus. 

Formatting The SD Card

To format the SD card from the camera, turn on the device and press the ‘Menu’ button, and sub-menu options appear on display. Select the ‘Setup’ menu to open and find a choice of ‘Format the memory card.’ Press the ‘OK’ button to open that and follow the procedures to format the SD card. 

These are the necessary basic things to do before using the camera. Now, let’s talk about some unique features of the Nikon D3200 camera. 

Point-And-Shoot Photography In Nikon D3200

How To Use Nikon D3200

The Nikon D3200 camera allows you to taste the feature of point-and-shoot. This mode is best for non-professionals who want to take photos without hassles. With this feature, you can take a snap without giving any time to set up the shutter, ISO, and aperture. 

When you point the camera to the subject and click the ‘Shutter’ button, its automatic mode fixes the target and adjusts the shutter speed, ISO in low light, or other things by itself, giving you the pure and sharp image you want. 

How Do You Use Point-And-Shoot Photography In Nikon D3200?

Open the lid of the camera lens and turn the camera on. Rotate the dialer to select the Auto mode or select the Flash Off mode if you do not want to use the flashlight. Hold the camera with your two hands while seeing the concerned object through the viewfinder- one hand is used to carry the camera’s body, and the other is to grasp the lens. 

Make sure the subject you want to frame fills at least one of the eleven focal points. When the focal points frame the target, press the shutter button halfway. It will allow the camera to select the focus points automatically. It will let you know by making a ‘Beep’ sound and confirms you to press the shutter button fully. 

If the subject is not constant and moving, it will be difficult for the camera to select the focus point. So, ensure the primary concern is in the steady position; otherwise, the captured photo will be blurred. Again, if you want to take a shot of a moving object, select the sports mode on display. 

Now, press the shutter button the entire way to capture the target. The captured snap will be shown on the monitor for a few seconds before it fades out automatically. You can also clear the display by pressing the shutter button halfway. It will set the camera ready to take another shot.

How Do You Blur The Background While Capturing An Image In A Nikon D3200 Camera? 

If you want to blur the background of the subject or object while taking a picture, you have to set the Aperture, ISO, and shutter speed to the required position that helps you to make your image sharp and vivid by blurring the background. Follow the steps for taking photos, making the background blurry-

Step-1: Set The Aperture Priority Mode

It would be best if you gave the camera aperture priority mode. You will see a mode dial on the top of the camera. Rotate the dial and set the camera to prioritize the aperture. 

Step-2: Zoom Lens

The camera’s lens can be zoomed in or out by using the lens ring. Rotate the lens to extend the camera’s focal length to the highest level. The lens comes with the Nikon D3200 can be extended to the highest 55 mm. So, increase the lens to that level. 

Step-3: Shutter Speed, Aperture, And The ISO

In this stage, set the shutter speed to 1/125, and the F should be 5.6. Set the required speed and the aperture by dialing the control wheel. And for the ISO, it should be 400. 

Step-4: Take The Camera Close To The Subject

To make the image best by blurring the background, take the camera close to the subject. Ensure the target is appropriately focused, and then click the shutter button. 

How Do You Record Videos With The Nikon D3200?

You can record movies or videos with this Nikon D3200. By following the simple step-by-step process, you can do so. See the process-

  • Turn on the camera. 
  • Press the LV button that is on the body of the camera. The display will turn into video recording mode. 
  • Set the camera’s aperture to A or M mode before recording videos. 
  • If you want to let your camera focus on the subject while recording, then push the shutter button halfway. It will track the target while moving or standing. 
  • You will see a red button beside the shutter button. Click that button, and the camera will start recording. 
  • Press the same red button again to stop recording.

How Do You Update The Firmware in Nikon D3200?

You should update the firmware of the Nikon D3200 camera. It helps the camera to fix the bugs and the functioning issues that occur at a particular time of usage. It also allows the camera to be consistent with the new accessories and lenses. 

You need to go to ‘http//’, where you can download the zipped file after selecting the model you use. First, make sure the memory card is formatted. If it is not, then format it from the camera first. Then, use an adaptor to connect the SD card to the computer. 

Now, extract the zipped file and copy it to the memory card. Ensure you have copied the file to the root of the SD card, not in any folders; otherwise, the camera will fail to find the new firmware version. 

Now, insert the memory card into the device and turn it on. Select the ‘Menu,’ go to the setup option, and find firmware. You will get both previous and updated firmware. It will start updating when you permit it to update with the newest one. 

It will take several minutes to complete the task. You cannot touch the device or separate the sd card at that time. 

How To Transfer Photos To Computer From The Nikon D3200?

Multiple ways can be applied to move images from the camera to the computer. For example, you can connect the device to the computer through the USB cable or card reader or copy files directly from the card if your computer has a card slot. 

USB Cable

Turn the camera off, having the SD card inside it. Next, link the camera to the computer with the supplied UC-E17 cable. After that, turn the camera on and transfer files. Again, turn off the camera first before detaching it from the computer. 

Card Reader

Remove the SD card after turning off the camera. Attach it to the computer using an adaptor and then copy or cut and paste it into the computer’s memory. 

SD Card Slot

If your computer has an option for an SD card slot, put the card into that slot. 

How To Use My Smartphone As A DSLR Monitor On Nikon D3200 Camera?

The smartphone you use can be utilized as a DSLR monitor for your Nikon D3200 camera. You can see the subject the camera is focusing on the smartphone’s display without looking through the viewfinder. You can also open the Live View mode, take photos, and change the shutter speed and ISO from the smartphone. 

But you need some necessary things to secure the smartphone to the camera. An app, hot shoe mount, USB cable provided with the camera, phone holder, OTG USB type A to type C converter, these are the things you need. 

Let’s see the process-

Step 1: Download App

Open the app store and search for an app that converts the smartphone to a DSLR monitor. After downloading, install it first. 

Step 2: Attach The Hot Shoe Mount To The Phone Holder

In the second step, take the hot shoe mount, joint it with the phone holder, and set it to the camera’s top, where space is given to attach it to the camera. 

Step 3: Connect The Smartphone To The Camera

At this stage, place the smartphone on the phone holder and link it to the snapping device using a cable and an OTG converter. 

The smartphone is now used as a machine’s DSLR monitor. You can take pictures by touching the phone’s LCD, increasing or decreasing the shutter speed or ISO, or doing other things. 

Five Essential Tips For The Beginners

Look at the five essential tips for capturing a perfect photo that will be your memory. 

Capture Perfect Low Light Photo

For capturing a perfect photo at night, set the aperture to f-22, the shutter speed to 30 seconds, and the ISO should be 400. While taking photos, ensure you hold the camera still; otherwise, it will be unable to take decent snaps. Adjust the settings if the light is not perfect for an ideal image. 

Arrest Night Trail Shots

It is impressive to see the night rail shots; to do this; you have to play with the ISO, shutter, and aperture. After setting the ISO to 100, aperture to f/22, and the shutter speed to 30 seconds, click and see the best photo you have captured. 

Taking Shot Of The Moving Objects In daylight

To take a shot of a moving thing, you should manually set the shutter speed, ISO, and aperture instead of auto mode. If you use the auto mode for snapping pictures of an unstable target, the image will not be sharp. 

So, manually select the fastest shutter speed, and for the ISO and the aperture, they depend on the light. When the light in the daytime seems bright, set the ISO to 100 and the aperture to 3.5, where the shutter speed should be 1/1000. 

Portrait Photography

While taking a portrait photo, use manual mode over auto mode. The auto mode in the Nikon D3200 gives you a decent and clear picture. But you can surpass it using the manual mode. Set the ISO to 100, the aperture to f/35, and the shutter speed should be 1/100 for the best portrait. 

Use White Balance For photographs Appealing To Eyes

Use white balance when you turn the camera on to take a shot. The Nikon D3200 consists of different balances to make the photo visually attractive. Apply fluorescent, daylight, or other options which may match your taste. 


I hope you have learned enough about how to use the Nikon D3200 DSLR camera. Then, apply the gathered knowledge to best use the device’s features and make the day yours. 

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