How To Use Canon Rebel T7

How To Use Canon Rebel T7


The Canon Rebel T7 is considered one of the best cameras for beginners to start their photography. This is because it has a 24.1-megapixel lens with a CMOS sensor, image stabilization technology, built-in Wi-Fi, etc. But you should know how to use the Canon Rebel T7 with these features to take the best photo. 

In this guideline, some of the features of the camera are highlighted. Stay connected to get details about them and how to use them. 

How To Set Up Canon Rebel T7?

First, you must set up the Canon Rebel T7 before going through the other process. This setup covers items like inserting the memory card, battery and time, date, etc. To insert the battery and the memory card into the camera, open the lid of the battery section. Then insert the battery and the card.

But make sure the memory card and the battery are appropriately inserted so that the electrical contacts of the battery and the card can attach to the camera contacts. Now, close the lid, turn the camera on, and set the time and date, which is the second step of the initial process. 

To set the time and date, press the ‘Menu’ button and find the date, time, and zone settings under the second tab, after giving the camera the date, time, and other settings, format the SD card. 

How To Format The Card on Canon Rebel T7?

The card inserted in the camera needs to be formatted from this device. The formatting process should be done if the card is new or full of memories or if the reading or recording process seems slow. 

It will clean all the saved data in the memory card and make it eligible for the camera.  To format the card, press the ‘Menu’ button. Next, select the ‘Format card’ under tab-1 from the sitting and press the ‘Set’ button to confirm formatting.  

You can also give the memory card a low-level format if you want to delete all the data from the card. Select the delete button on the display and press ‘Ok’ to confirm. It will take more time than the standard formatting, and you will have to wait till the process is completed. When the procedure comes to an end, the menu will appear. 

How Do You Use A Fully Automatic Shooting Feature On The Canon Rebel T7?

The fully automatic shooting feature is one of the best features of the Canon rebel T7. It automatically adjusts the color, tone, focusing subject, ISO, shutter speed, etc., where you do not have to set anything to get the best picture. 

To get the best use of this feature, turn the camera on and set the camera to fully automatic shooting mode by dialing the dialer to [A+] mode. Then aim the camera at the target; it selects the primary concern using the autofocusing feature. 

When you press the shutter button halfway, the device confirms the focal point and gives you a sign by creating a beeping sound. Then, press the shutter button again in complete form to frame the subject. You will see the picture taken on the camera’s display in two seconds. 

How Do You Take A Picture Using Creative Auto-Shooting Mode? 

You can show your creativity while using the creative auto-shooting mode. This feature of the Canon camera gives you the freedom of control over the brightness, color tone, depth of the field, etc. Moreover, you can adjust the blur in the background, help the camera to decide the number of photos it will take, the format of the image, etc. 

How To Use Canon Rebel T7

 Turn the camera on and use the dialer to rotate and set it to <> mode. The camera is now set to the auto creative shooting mode. Press the <> button to show the options available for this feature. Use the <> buttons or cross keys on the camera’s body to navigate and set your desired settings. 

Blur or Sharp the photos, use effects to make the picture more attractive, set the flash to fire if you want, etc. All these are to be settled using <> or <> buttons and the button. 

When everything seems perfect, press the shutter button in full force to take a picture of the target. 

How Do You Shoot A Picture Using The Live View Feature On Canon Rebel T7? 

Another feature of the Canon Rebel T7 is live-view shooting. You can take a picture without seeing the focal point through the viewfinder, where you can see the image on the LCD monitor. 

To use this feature, press the live view shooting button beside the viewfinder. 

The display is opened and shows the picture the lens sees in front of it. You can set the focus on the target by manually touching the monitor. When the camera understands what to capture and finds the concern, it will give a green box signal on display.

Press the shutter button halfway to confirm and fully click to capture an image. The taken picture will show on the LCD screen for some seconds and returns to the previous position to take another shot. If you want to exit, press the live view shooting button to close the mode. 

How Do You Use Canon Rebel T7 As A Webcam?

You can also use your Canon Rebel T7 DSLR camera as a webcam for your computer. This camera acts like a webcam, using a video calling app to give you a sharp image while you are in a meeting. 

It replaces the traditional webcam and saves you the cost of buying a new one. You will need software and a USB cable to link the camera to the computer. The software is to be downloaded from Canon’s official website. The Canon site provides software for both Mac and Windows-operated computers. 

How To Use Canon Rebel T7

But first, uninstall the Canon utility beta software if this software already exists on your computer. Then, search,.com and download the main Canon utility software zipped file that suits your computer’s operating system. 

After extracting and installing the software:

  1. Restart the computer.
  2. Make your camera ready to connect to the computer.
  3. Turn the camera on and rotate the dialer to video mode.
  4. Set the full HD quality and adjust the exposure by touching the ISO on the camera’s display.  

Attach the camera to the computer through the USB cable, and it is ready to act as a webcam. Open your wishing or targeted app to use, locate and select the EOS Web Cam Utility from the video setting of the app. Now you are allowed to use the camera as a webcam. 

How Do You Connect The Canon Rebel T7 To The Smartphone Through The Wi-Fi Network? 

You can connect your Canon rebel T7 to your smartphone using the Wi-Fi network. But first, you need to download the Canon app from your mobile app store, which allows the camera to attach to the smart device wirelessly. 

IOS or Android device, what you use does not matter. After entering the app store, search for ‘Canon camera connects’ and download. Just ensure this app is made and developed by Canon authority. 

Power on the camera and select the Menu button to go to the third wrench, where you will find Wi-Fi/ NFC. The Wi-Fi in the camera is disabled by default; select the Wi-Fi option to enable it. When you do it, it will suggest you set a nickname to help the phone find the camera easily in the Wi-Fi network. 

Select the ‘Ok’ button to confirm the name the camera suggests by default. If you do not like the name and want something new, then use the keyboard on display to set a new one and press the ‘Set’ button to validate the setting. 

Then, go to the Wi-Fi function to select the mobile device logo and easy connection method. You will get an SSID and the Encryption key which are used as a camera’s nickname and password. 

Enable the Wi-Fi network in the mobile to search for the Canon camera and connect it after giving the password when it finds the camera’s nickname in its radar. 

Open the installed Canon camera app, tap the selected camera name visible on the app, and verify it from the camera by pressing ‘Ok.’ This is the process of connecting the camera to the smartphone. You can transfer images, files, and videos through this network. 

Final Word

The Canon Rebel T7 camera is user-friendly and has no critical functions that degrade your courage for taking photos or using the camera as a webcam. Instead, follow the instructions to change and set the setting to help you take the best picture that will be your memory.

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