How To Use Canon Rebel T6

How To Use Canon Rebel T6


The Canon Rebel T6 camera will satisfy you when you know how to use it. This 18 megapixels camera features a 3x zoom APS-C sensor and others. Moreover, the unique feature of this camera is the 170-degree live viewing option which means you can see things in a boarder way. 

Now, let’s talk about some of the camera’s features and functions and how to use them. 

How To Take Good Pictures On Canon Rebel T6 

If you are a beginner and don’t know how to take a good picture, then you should use the full auto feature of the camera. Then, you do not have to be concerned about the aperture, light, tone, etc., needed for a good picture. 

The full auto mode of the camera will take care of everything, and you will have to set the device to that mode. Check the details on how to take a good snap with a Canon Rebel 6.

  • Turn the camera on
  • Use the dialer to Full auto mode or <A+>
  • Point the camera at the target. Ensure the subject is centered on the central focus point
  • Press the shutter button halfway, and It will lock the target.
  • Click the shutter button again. This time the button should be pressed the whole way.
  • The snap will be captured. The flashlight will be turned on automatically if necessary.
  • The captured image will be shown in the display in two seconds.

This process is for the still subject. How to take a picture of a subject that is changing position? With the help of the <A+> mode of the device, it will be easy for you to take a good shot of the pointed target. The exact process is done for the moving thing as you do for the still subject.

Rotate the dialer and set the mode to full auto. Then focus the camera on the targeted object and click the shutter button. Now, the AI Servo AF activates and tracks the subject. All you need to do is to ensure the pointed thing is on the focus point and press the shutter to shoot. 

How Do You Capture A Picture Using A Live View Shoot? 

How To Use Canon Rebel T6

Tired of seeing the target through the viewfinder? Do you need some change? Then, the Canon Rebel T6 will give you comfort in your eyes. In addition, this camera has an option for live-view shooting. You can see the subject on display and understand what it looks like.

You can change the subject’s position or alter the camera’s angle to get a better picture seeing the device’s LCD. If you want to use this feature, press the live view button on the camera body.

The LCD will turn on, and you can see what the lens focuses on. 

Keep the target in the center of the camera’s focus point and press the shutter button halfway. A green light will flash when the device finds the subject in focus. Click the shutter at full force to capture. 

The image will show on display after saving it in the memory. If you want to exit the live view shooting, press the Live View icon again. 

How To Record Video On Canon Rebel T6 

You can record videos in full HD mode with the Canon Rebel T6 camera. This camera can shoot a video at the rate of 1920×1080 pixels, giving you a crystal clear and sharp image. If you want to record a video of beautiful scenery, then follow this method-

  • Revolve the dialer of the camera to set it to full movie mode. The LCD will turn on and shows the monitor what it focuses on.
  • Half-pressing the shutter button will let the AF system lock the focus on the target.
  • Use the live view button on the body to start recording.
  • You will get a red dot on the monitor’s corner, which means it is recording.
  • If you want to stop recording, press the live view button again. 

How To Use T6 As A Webcam

How To Use Canon Rebel T6

The Canon Rebel T 6 can be used as a webcam for your computer. This camera features the facility of being a webcam for live streaming, vlogging, or online meeting. Moreover, it can provide more precise and sharp visuals, which an ordinary webcam does not give. 

So, the Canon Rebel T6 is the ideal camera for people who are fond of vlogging or want to get a clean and decent video presentation of themself in a meeting. You need Eos utility software and a USB cable to make your device a webcam. 

Now, see the method to connect the camera to the computer for use as a webcam. 

Step 1: Download The Utility Software

The utility software is to be downloaded from Go there, download the zipped file from this leading site and install it after extracting it. But point to be noted that the Canon leading site provides software for windows and Mac OS. 

The download process is simple. After typing the site, scroll to its end and select software and drivers. When another page opens, you will get a search box. Type your camera model, and press enter. 

This will lead you to another page where you can download the utility software. But point to be noted that Canon provides utility software for both Mac and Windows OS. So, choose your OS and download the software in a zipped file. 

Now, extract the zipped file and install the utility software. After installation, restart the computer and move to the second step. 

Step 2: Link The Camera To The Computer

In this step, you need to link the camera to the computer through the USB cable. But before doing that, ensure the Canon T6 is turned on. Then use the dialer to set the device to movie mode and give time to set the video quality and exposure you want. 

Now, insert one end of the USB cable into the camera and the other end into the computer’s USB port. When you link the device to the computer, it is ready to use as a webcam. 

Step 3: Use The Canon Rebel T6 As A Webcam

Ensure the Canon utility software is your webcam, which has to do from the app’s video setting. Open any video calling app and head to the video settings. Select the Eos Utility software as a webcam, and your canon T6 is ready to use.

How To Update Canon Rebel T6 Firmware?

You can update the firmware of the Canon Rebel T6 to fix any minor issues or get newer features that will change the outlook of your photography career. To update the firmware of the T6 camera, you need to ensure the fully charged battery, formatted sd card, and the newly released firmware version. 

Step 1: Download Firmware To The Computer is the official address of Canon where you have to go. Just press or type the address on your computer and make a visit there. Then click support, and a new page will open on the computer window. 

How To Use Canon Rebel T6


You can type the camera model in the search box and go directly to the page where the firmware version is available. Or you can click the camera icon named ‘EOS and Rebel Digital Cameras’ after entering the new page.

Select the camera model when a new page is displayed and tap ‘Drivers and downloads.’ Now choose the Firmware option at the end of the page and mark it according to your OS system.

If your computer is Mac-operated, then download the firmware for this OS, or if the computer is windows supported, then downloading the exact file for it is necessary. The file will be in the computer as a zipped file.

Step 2: Extract The File And Transfer It To The Formatted Memory

Now extract the file and copy the (.FIR) file to the memory card if it is formatted. Ensure the file is saved to the sd memory, not to any folder in the sd card. 

If the memory card is not formatted or you do not know how to format it, this guideline is for you. But do not forget to make a copy of saved things to another sd card or computer, as formatting the card will erase all data. 

Formatting the card like this-

  1. Power on the camera
  2. Press the menu button
  3. Use the body keys to scroll to the first wrench. 
  4. Select Format card 
  5. Then press ok, and the card will start formatting.

Step 3: Update The Firmware

Now, insert the memory card into the camera, turn it on and set the camera to P mode. Then press the menu button and head to the last wrench button to find the firmware. Finally, open the option and press OK to let the camera adopt the newer version. 

After some time, it will notify you to confirm the updating process. Then, it will start processing when you permit upgrading the device to the new level. It will take 5 to 10 minutes to complete, and till that time, do not touch or try to use the camera; otherwise, the updating process gets hampered. 

How To Connect Canon T6 To iPhone 

The Canon Rebel T6 has built-in Wi-Fi technology that you can connect your iPhone to your camera to transfer photos using the Wi-Fi. You do not have to connect the camera and iPhone to the same Wi-Fi while sharing. 

But you need to download an app from the app store to your phone to use the built-in Wi-Fi facility. Let’s see the process-

1. Download App

Open the iPhone app store, search for Canon Camera Connect, and download and install it.

2. Enable Wi-Fi/NFC

Now, make the camera ready to link it to the iPhone. Ensure the memory card is inserted into the card slot and the date and time are correctly set to the camera. The Wi-Fi/ NFC of the shooting device is disabled, and you need to turn it on. 

To do this, turn on the device and press the Menu button to go to the third wrench menu using the four-way directional pad. In this section, the Wi-Fi/NFC option is located. Use the Set button to open it and make the option enabled. 

While you turn on the Wi-Fi/NFC will prevent you from using USB and HDMI options. If you want to use them, you must first turn them off. 

3. Type A Nickname 

At this stage, the camera will ask you to provide a nickname that will be used for a Wi-Fi connection. It will be requested once if you are a first-time user. Use the Set button to go for further process. 

The camera will give you a nickname. First, press the Menu button to confirm the nickname; if you do not like the nickname the camera has offered, use the trash button to delete it. Then, type a new name using the directorial pads and set button. 

When typing is done, select the Menu button to finish. Then choose OK and press the set button. 

4. Get The SSID And Encryption Key 

The camera will be connected to the iPhone through the camera’s SSID and password. To get this, In the third Wrench menu, open the Wi-Fi function, select ‘Connect to smartphone’ and then confirm the ‘Easy connection.’ 

After that, press the OK button, and you will get the camera’s SSID and the encryption key. 

5. Connect The Camera To The Phone 

Now, connect the camera to the iPhone using the SSID and the encryption key of the shooting device. Open the Canon camera connect app installed on the mobile when both are connected. 

Follow the procedures the app wants you to do, and select your camera model. Then, a new display will appear on the camera’s LCD, asking you to connect the device to the mobile. 

When you use the Set button to confirm ok, the camera is ready to transfer files to the smartphone. Use the Canon Camera Connect of the mobile to get photos and others from the camera to it. 

How To Use NFC On Canon T6 

NFC, or near-field communication, is the medium to transfer files or photos from the camera to the smartphone. It needs a close distance between two gadgets and sends items in the fastest way. 

When you place the phone in the NFC area of the camera, it automatically connects and allows you to use its facility. But You need to know the process to use it. Let’s see the process-

  • Download the Canon camera connect app from the smartphone’s app store. This app is applicable for both Android and IOS devices.
  • Turn the power button of the camera on 
  • Press the Menu button and scroll to the third wrench in the Menu 
  • Enable the Wi-Fi/ NFC
  • Check the NFC collection is marked. 
  • Ensure the Wi-Fi and the NFC of the camera are turned on.
  • Now, place the phone in the NFC area of the camera. 
  • It will automatically connect the phone to the camera, and the canon camera connect app will open on the smartphone. You can now transfer photos from the camera to an Android or IOS device.

You can also use your smartphone as a remote and capture an image. You can take a snap of a subject with a simple click from your smart device, which will be saved into the camera memory. 

But this camera will not permit you to record a video using the NFC option. Use those steps mentioned above to connect them using NFC. 


The Canon Rebel T6 is an entry-level camera and is also user-friendly. Its functions are simple, and you will not get hesitation while using it. Moreover, it is a good camera at an affordable price.

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