How To Use Canon Rebel T6 As Webcam

How To Use Canon Rebel T6 As Webcam


The Canon Rebel T6 is the best choice to select as a webcam for live streaming or making content. The 18 megapixels resolution with 3x optical zoom of this camera gives you a clear and sharp outlook in a meeting, which a webcam cannot provide. But you need to know how to use Canon Rebel T6 as a webcam. 

Let’s start the setup process, and also I will show you how to configure it. 

Things You Need To Use Canon Rebel T6 As A Webcam 

When you want to use your Canon rebel T6 DSLR camera as a webcam, you must ensure the following things are provided to the device-

  • Canon Eos Utility software
  • USB cable 

You have to download the utility software from Canon’s main site. The site provides utility software for both windows and Mac OS. So all you need to do is select your computer’s operating system and download it. 

Again, you need a USB cable to connect the device to the computer. You should use the USB cable that comes with the camera. You can use a third-party wire if you don’t get any cable with the device. But, ensure the cable should be a USB 2.0 b mini cable. 

Steps To Install The Utility Software, Connect The Camera To The Computer, And Use

Following the steps, you can install the utility software, connect the camera, and make it ready for live streaming or video conferencing. 

Step 1: Install The Software

How To Use Canon Rebel T6 As Webcam

The first thing you need to do is download and set it up on your computer. An important thing to note is that if you have installed Eos beta software on your windows computer, you should uninstall it first.

It is necessary to do that task because the main software cannot override the beta software. But in Mac operating system, this will not happen. The main downloaded software can run over the beta software. 

Open the browser and type This is the official site of the Canon camera. Visit there and choose your computer’s operating system and the camera model and download the zip file. 

You can follow these screenshots to make the download easy-

  1. After going to the site, scroll down to the end of it and select ‘software and drivers’
  2. At this stage, type-
  3. Choose the windows version of your computer- 
  4. Click download-

Extract the zip file, double-click on ‘setup,’ and install the software. After everything is done, restart the computer. 

Step 2: Connect The Camera To The Computer

Now, it is time to connect the camera to the computer. Power on the camera and rotate the dialer to movie mode. Ensure the exposure should be good, and the video quality should be FHD or full HD.

Insert one end of the cable into the camera and the other end into the computer’s USB port. Now, the device is ready to use as a webcam.

Step 3: Ensure Eos Webcam Utility As A Camera 

To enable the camera as a webcam, you should select the Eos webcam utility as a camera. This will be done from the video setting of the app you will use now. So first, open the preferred app and go to the video setting. From there, select the utility software in the camera choose section. 

This process is for Windows operating system, but it is the same for Mac. If your computer runs on it, select its eligible utility software and install it. The other processes are the same as the windows operating system. 

What Are The Benefits Of Eos Webcam Utility Software?

The benefits of Canon Eos utility software are as follows-

  • The Eos webcam software can cover 52 camera models. Previously it covered models up to 25, but now it has upgraded itself and expanded its coverage area. 
  • It also enlisted the most popular video conferencing or live streaming app. 
  • You can also record a video during a video conversation and record it on the memory card. This feature comes with the primary utility software and is easy to use. Just press the recording button of the camera, and the recorded thing will be saved. 
  • Eos webcam utility software is available all over the world. So wherever you are, you can download and use it as a webcam for your computer. 

Final Word

This is how you can make your Canon rebel T6 camera a webcam on your computer for social sites. Follow the step-by-step process and connect it to the computer to enjoy a high-quality video from it. 

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