How To Use Canon M50 As Webcam

How To Use Canon M50 As Webcam


The Canon M50 camera is not only the best for capturing still photos, but also fit for webcamming. The M50 camera has a 24.1-megapixel lens and 3x zoom, so you will get a clear visual while using the device as a web camera. But you should follow some processes to make the camera fit as a webcam, and in this segment, I have focused on ways to use the camera as a webcam, instruments to purchase, and how to set them. 

So, let’s dive into the discussion…

What Instruments Do You Need To Use the Camera As A Webcam? 

Canon M50 is excellent for using the video option in Zoom, Facebook messenger, skype, Google Meet, and other video calling apps. But you cannot directly use the camera as a webcam after connecting to your computer, and you need instruments like-

  • Utility software 
  • USB to USB Cable
  • Dummy battery
  • Power adapter
  • Capture card

Utility Software

The Canon authority provides utility software at their site to make Canon cameras perfect for webcamming. To make your Canon M50 your primary web camera, you must download and install the software and connect the camera to the computer. Otherwise, your camera will not be functioning.

Micro USB To USB Cable

A micro USB to USB cable is needed to join the camera to the computer. The USB port of the camera is micro USB supported, so one of the ports should be micro USB, and the other is for the computer’s USB port. 

Capture Card

If you do not want to use Canon’s utility software, then try for a capture card. It is easy to set and gives much better video quality than utility software.

In addition, you can directly head to the targeted app and use the video option after enabling the camera as a webcam. 

Dummy Battery

You should provide your camera with a dummy battery backup to avoid the shutting-off situation 

during an important meeting via meeting apps. The battery inserted in the Canon M50 will not provide you much time while you are using the camera as a webcam. The camera’s battery lasts up to 120 minutes, and after that, the camera dies. 

Moreover, you have to change the camera’s battery to resume the paused video streaming. But when you support your camera with the dummy backup, it assures you an unlimited lifetime.

Therefore, you can attend and finish the crucial meeting within that estimated time without facing embarrassing or irritating situations. 

Power Adapter

Do you want to make your camera fully charged during video calls? If you want, then use a power adaptor. This adaptor links the device to the outlet, where the instrument can get energy and charge itself. 

Important Note 

You must purchase a power adaptor, dummy battery, and cable online or from the nearest store. But you will be glad to know that Canon authority has launched a webcam accessories starter kit where you will find everything you need.

It consists of a battery, a power adapter, and an interface cable. So, you do not need to spend extra money to buy accessories of non-brands. 

How Many Ways To Use The Canon M50 As A Webcam? 

How To Use Canon M50 As Webcam

You can use your Canon M50 as a webcam in two ways. Either you can use Canon’s utility software or can link the camera to the computer using a capture card. Canon’s utility software is easy to use, and your camera works best in this software. 

You can also use the capture card to get your clear appearance, as it works better than the utility software in this field. 

How Do You Use The Canon M50 As A Webcam Using The Software?

By following the steps, you can use the camera as a webcam using the utility software. 


You first need to download the software from the Canon USA website to use the device for a webcam. Canon offers software for both windows and Mac.

So if you are using windows supported or Mac-supported computer, whatever you are using, the Canon site provides software for each. 

Go to the site and download and install the utility software for your computer after selecting the camera’s model. You should need to know one thing about the software.

The webcam software is unlike Canon’s other utility software; it does not show any logo or icon after downloading and installing it. 

Now, restart the computer and wait for the time till the computer is ready to use. 


Take the camera to turn it on. After powering it up, set the device to video mode and be ready to connect to the computer. Next, you can select the ISO, aperture, shutter speed, or other settings for excellent shooting. 

The ISO should be auto, and exposure should be 2-3.5, while for setting up the ‘fps,’ it should be 60, and the shutter speed should be 1/125. These settings will give you a vivid and decent video while using the camera as a webcam.

After completing the requirements, connect the camera to the computer with a cable having a micro USB port on both sides. 

Open the cover of the HDMI and the micro USB port of the camera and insert one end of the cable into the USB port of the camera and the other end into the computer. Both camera and computer are connected now. 


The camera is ready to use as a webcam. Open the app you are willing to use and go to the sitting to find video sitting and select the camera model from the camera option there. Done; now your Canon M50 is eligible for performing as a webcam. 

To give the camera stability while using it then, use a tripod. The Canon M50 is light in weight and can easily be placed on the computer. 

How Do You Use Canon M50 As A Webcam Using The Capture Card? 

See below how you can connect the camera to the computer using the capture card. Keep in mind, while you use the capture card to link the camera to the computer, it will show the information on the computer that is meant to be shown on the camera display. 

Here are the steps to setting up the camera via capture card on the computer. 


You need a capture card and a micro HDMI cable to connect the camera to the computer. Insert the capture card into the computer first, and then insert the HDMI port to the capture card. 

Open the cover of the HDMI port in the camera and fit the micro HDMI port into it. Set the camera to video mode using the dial and turn it on, Now, everything is set, and the camera is ready to use. 


Open any video-compatible app and go to the setting to select the video device option. For example, if you are using the Zoom app, then go to the setting, select the video, and you will find an option in the camera to choose a device as a webcam. 

How Do You Remove The Camera Information From The Computer’s Monitor While Using The Capture Card? 

After connecting the camera to the computer via a capture card, you will see some information like Servo AF, FHD, and other icons on the computer screen. It is called ‘Dirty HDMI Output.’ by following one process, you can erase the issue. The process is- 

  • Go to the video setting after pressing the menu button.
  • Open tab no-9, and choose the HDMI information display.
  • You will see-
  1. clean/ 4K output 
  2. clean/ Full HD Output

Select any of them and press Ok, and your problem is solved. 

N:B: this method is only applicable to Canon M50 MarkII. Besides this model, this option is not available in other M50 models. 

How Do You Set The Dummy Battery To Canon M50? 

When you think of using the dummy battery to avoid the abrupt shutting-off situation, you need to follow some rules to set it. First, you will have to remove the main battery, insert the dummy one, and connect it to the power adapter to get the supply from the outlet. 

Let’s see the process-

  • Open the cover of the battery section to take it out from the terminal. 
  • Now, insert the dummy battery into the compartment correctly and close the lid. 
  • The switch, which is used to open up the cover of the battery chamber, can be lifted to uncover the hole in the dummy battery. This hole is given for adapting charge from the outlet. 
  • Insert the charging pin of the adaptor into the hole and connect the adaptor to the outlet. 
  • Now turn on the camera to see if the device is getting power from the outlet. 

This is how you can set and use the dummy battery for the camera. 


The Canon M50 supports Utility webcam software for Windows and Mac operating systems. Follow the step-by-step process and make your camera a webcam without investing money in purchasing an extra device for webcamming. 

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