How To Use Canon G7X Mark iii

How To Use Canon G7X Mark iii


If you are looking for a mirrorless camera by which you can make video streaming, make videos online, or just for photography, then the Canon G7x mark iii is the best option for you. Whether you are professional or not, you have a good hand on camera or not; it does not matter. 

It is perfect for every level of the user as it offers the facility to make 4k video with the 20.1-megapixel camera with a 1.0-type sensor and wifi connectivity to file transfer. Moreover, it gives the experience of a DSLR camera.  

Now the question is how to use this camera. The answer is in the guideline. First, you will learn about its basics and functions to shoot the best photo. 

So, let’s talk about it. 

What Are the Basic Settings for Canon G7x Mark iii? 

You must follow some steps to use a Canon G7x mark iii camera. These things are attaching the strap, inserting a battery, memory card, etc., so let’s look at the basics. 

  • Attaching Strap

It is the foremost thing you have to do before going to further steps. Then, a strap is given with the company’s camera to attach to it to hold it more securely and reduce the risk of falling. 

  • Charging the Battery

The camera’s battery is a lithium type to be charged with an authorized charger. When you set the battery with a charger, you will see an orange light is turned on. It means it is charging and turns green when the charge is complete.   

Now, insert the battery in the pointed place. Make sure you have inserted the battery in the correct position. If it is not, then the camera will not lock and power up. 

One thing is to be noted, charge the battery for not more than 24 hours, and again, if the display shows “change the memory card,” change; otherwise, the camera will automatically shut off. 

  • Memory Card 

The memory card is the thing where the camera stores images and videos you capture. You have to place the memory card after inserting the battery. Putting a memory card inside the camera is the same as the battery. 

Canon G7 mark iii supports SDHC, SDXC, and UHS-I memory cards. But don’t forget to format the memory through it whether you have formatted it previously in the other device or it is not the matter. It would be best if you formatted it with the camera to get access to it. 

  • Time and Date Setting 

Now it is time to set the time and date. You will find a time, date, and zone option on display when the camera is on. Set them accurately according to the demand using the up/down or circle button, and press the search/set button. 

How Can You Hold the Camera? 

How To Use Canon G7X Mark iii

Holding the camera is very easy. Just lift the camera and set it close to the body. Ensure the camera is in a steady position to capture the object. If it shakes, then the picture will not be good. 

After holding the camera, press the power on or off button to start. The display will show you the object in front of it. By pressing the auto button, you give the camera access to set the light, focus, or other things, etc. 

Now, press the shutter button to capture the things you want to catch. You can focus on subjects by shuttering the button halfway pressing and hearing the sound “beep” when the camera is able to concentrate on something. 

You are allowed to use flash while taking a photo. A button is on the side of the main body. Just move the button in the opposite direction, which turns the flash on. Be cautious, do not let your fingers on the flash when using it. Otherwise, the picture will be darker. 

How Can You Adjust the Screen Angle?

Canon allows you to use the camera’s display to rotate according to your wish. For example, you can move to the screen downer or upward to see your image while capturing your photo. 

The display of the camera can be moved down to a 45-degree angle. Then, the screen turns to the 180-degree position upward if you want to. 

What Signs Indicate What On An Indicator Display? 

Let’s talk about the indicators that are shown on your display. You will encounter signs like green or orange that the camera is showing. It blinks repeatedly or stands steady. You don’t know the meaning of these marks. Below is the purpose of each sign-

  • Green on

A Green signal shows on the camera when you capture something through it. It means that it is saved on your memory card. Again, when you press the button to see the picture you captured, it will show a steady green light. 

  • Greenlight Slowly blinking

You will see a green sign blinking slowly at the corner of the display. It means that the monitor is off. The visual display unit will automatically turn off when you don’t use the camera for a long time. 

  • Greenlight Blinking

This sign is the same as the first mentioned sign. This sign continuously blinks when you save movies or display movies from the memory card. Moreover, while transmitting things from the memory card to another device via wifi, the camera shows a blinking green light meaning the work is in progress. 

  • Orange

Now, talk about the orange signs. This sign occurs for two reasons- either charging or charging error.

The orange light will stand steady when a USB charges the battery. However, if the USB doesn’t function properly, it blinks repeatedly. 

How to Adjust the Focus Manually On Canon G7x Mark iii? 

How To Use Canon G7X Mark iii

Though the canon G7x has the autofocus mode, you can set the focus mode manually. How? 

It is effortless to set, and you must press some buttons to get the manual focus mode. 

Press the left arrow button to get the manual focus mode and the focus indicator on display. If You want to focus on the position, press and hold the up/ down buttons to specify the area. Again, press the up/ down button briefly for fine-tuning. Then touch the right arrow button to adjust the magnification and shoot. 

You can also move the magnified area by dragging it on the display. Then, press the menu button if you want to return to the center. 

How to Shoot Yourself Under Optimal Setting?

You can take a selfie of yourself with this camera. To take a selfie, choose the selfie option and lift the screen to get access available on display. There you find some icons like daylight, beauty, etc., select one and return to the previous display by selecting the back button. 

After setting everything ok, now is the time to take a selfie. Just press the shutter button, and your selfie will be accepted. 

How Do You Take a Photo Of Night Scenes Under Starry Skies? 

The night screen under the starry skies looks impressive to you, and you want to take a picture of it when you have a Canon G7x mark iii camera. Now the question is, how do you do it? Well, there is a solution for you. Here it is-

  • Step-1

Choose starry night mode in the display and adjust the colors. To change the color, select the search/set button, go to white balance, and then to the right/ left arrow to increase or decrease the color. 

One thing is notable when you choose the starry night option; the zoom automatically reaches the maximum level and cannot adjust. 

  • Step-2

It is time to give the camera a steady platform. You can use a tripod or other things that hold the camera in a static form. For adjusting focus, click the left row button; you will find the MF option, then go to the search/set button.

Then press the menu button and tilt the camera to show the captured stars on display. Next, press the Search/ set button again and wait until you get a notification of the completion of the adjustment. Lastly, put pressure on the shutter button and shoot the desired thing. 

How to Capture Subjects Against Flowing Backgrounds On Canon G7x Mark iii?

You can capture running subjects that seem interesting to you. Canon provides a panning mode feature that lets you vividly capture things by blurring the background and making them a memory. 

To make a memory of the thing you want to take, press the shutter button halfway and move in the direction the subject goes. In doing so, you framed the matter on display and then fully pressed the shutter button. 

Again, you can fully frame the running things by pressing the shutter button. You have to put pressure on the shutter button and move the camera in the moving object’s direction. 

How to Transfer Files to the Computer from Canon G7x Mark iii?

Canon G7x mark iii has the feature of transferring files to a computer over a wireless connection. You can quickly move files to the other device within a minute. You must install image share utility two software on your computer from canon’s website. 

After completing all the steps for installation:

  1. Pair your camera with the computer via wifi.
  2. Ensure your wifi connection, auto-send selection, and other things are set.
  3. Turn off and on again to automatically pass the files, which may take a few minutes. 


Canon G7x mark iii is the master to the other cameras of its level. The features it contains will give you the best user experience and are not very difficult to handle. So follow my guideline if you are a beginner and don’t know how to use a new canon G7x mark iii. 

Because here, I have simplified everything to be easy for you. I hope you will get an answer when you face a problem while using it. 


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