How To Use Canon 80D

How To Use Canon 80D


Canon 80D is a 24.2-megapixel camera that will be your good choice for a webinar or live streaming. Moreover, it has built-in Wi-Fi technology, allowing the highest speed to transfer files to your phone. But you should know how to use this camera for your specific purpose. 

How To Use Canon 80D As A Webcam 

The Canon 80D DSLR camera allows you to use it as a webcam. With it, you can make video calls, attend Zoom meetings or even use it for live streaming. Moreover, you will get the best image quality from it, which is far better than a regular webcam. 

The things you need are a camera, a computer, a USB Cable, and lastly, the Canon Utility app. This app is to be downloaded from Canon’s official website. 

The address of the site is From this site, you should download the utility app for your computer. One thing to be noted is that this software applies to windows computers. 

In addition, you can use a tripod which gives the device a firm position and is easy to place anywhere you want. Now, see how to connect the Canon 80D to your computer.

Step 1: Download Utility App

Press the enter button after typing the mentioned address. This will take you to the leading site, where you must select your camera model. Then, a new window will open, and scroll down to the download option. 

Download the zipped app for your windows computer, extract and install it. Now, you will have to restart the computer. 

Step 2: Enable Movie Mode In The Camera

You need to position the camera to the movie mode for webcamming. First, turn on the device and use the dialer to enable the mode setting in your gear. When done, connect the gadget to the computer via a USB cable. The cable should be 2.0 type A Male to USB mini-B 5 pin Male cable.  

Step 3: Select The Eos Webcam Utility In Video Setting

How To Use Canon 80D

Choose the app you want to use and mark the Eos Webcam Utility from the video settings of the opened app. For example, if you use zoom for video meetings, open the app, and go to settings. 

When you click the video in the setting, you will get the option to choose your camera to use for webcamming. Search for Eos Webcam Utility and mark it. 

This is the process of employing the Canon Eos 80D for webcamming. 

How Do You Connect a Canon 80D To An iPhone?

You can do it wirelessly if you want to transfer photos from Canon 80D to your iPhone. The built-in Wi-Fi technology in the camera allows you to copy files to the smartphone faster. In addition, you do not need to take out the SD card to insert it into the computer. 

Moreover, there is no need for a wire to establish a connection between the shooting device and a computer. But you must install an app on your smartphone to enjoy this feature. 

See the procedure-

Download App 

You have to download this camera Connect app from the mobile app store. Search this app by its name, and download and install it when you find it. 

Enable Wi-Fi

To enable the Wi-Fi connection of the camera, you have to go to the wrench menu of the device. First, turn on the camera, and press the Menu button. When a new window opens, head to the wrench menu and click.

On the 1st page of the wrench menu, you will find the Wi-Fi/ NFC is disabled; turn it on. 

Enter Nickname

At this stage, when you enable Wi-Fi, the device will suggest you give a nickname to the Wi-Fi network. Enter Ok, and a new window will appear in front of it. Enter the nickname using the buttons or touching the LCD, press Menu to confirm the name, and then press Ok. 

Ensure Easy Connection 

How To Use Canon 80D

Go back to the wrench menu, open the Wi-Fi function, and select connect to a smartphone. You will be asked to choose between an easy connection and establishing a network. 

Mark Easy connection, and confirm Ok. it will give you an SSID and an encryption key needed to connect the camera to the iPhone. 

Connect The Phone To The Camera

In the Wi-Fi setting of the mobile, search for the SSID or the nickname of the gadget. Then, connect them by entering a password when you find the ID. 

Use Canon Camera Connect App 

Make the canon camera app installed on your device ready. Follow the procedures that you see on display. Ensure do not grant Bluetooth access when the camera app seeks your permission. 

You will be notified to choose the camera and mobile name on both devices. Permit both gadgets to connect. Now, you can transfer photos from one gear to another. 

How To Use A Camera As A Webcam? 

You can use your camera as a webcam for your computer with a capture card. This card is compatible with any camera model. All you need is a capture card and its software, an HDMI to Micro HDMI USB cable, and a power adaptor.

The capture card will work on the computer while the card’s software is installed. It will be found on the leading site of the card you prefer to use. First, ensure the card is installed on the computer. Now, link the camera to the device via a capture card and a cable. 

You should also provide the camera with a power adapter to avoid an abrupt power cut during video conferencing or live stream. It will assure you of an uninterrupted power supply for a long time whereas, a battery in the camera lasts for 30 to 40 minutes. 

While streaming or using a video calling app, make sure you have selected the capture card as a webcam.

Final Word

Canon 80D will surely change your experience with it. It will provide you the high-quality video when you are using a video calling app. Moreover, the file transfer speed of this gear is also great. 

You can easily copy files to a smartphone within a limited time. Hope you have got the answer that you need from this guideline. 

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