How To Update Nikon Z6 Firmware

How To Update Nikon Z6 Firmware


Updating the firmware of the Nikon Z6 camera’s firmware is suitable as the newest version of firmware fixes any bug related to the device and improves its battery life. Moreover, it also boosts the camera’s performance by adding more features. 

Let’s know what to do and what you need to provide your Nikon Z6 camera with the newly released firmware version. 

Things To Do Before Updating The Nikon Z6 Firmware

Before going to follow the process of updating the firmware, confirm that things below are done precisely-

  • The camera battery should be ultimately charged, as updating the firmware will take some time. 
  • Remove the adaptor and the lens from the device.
  • Format the SD card
  • Download the latest firmware from Nikon’s official website
  • Use an SD card reader to copy or cut the file from the computer to the camera’s card memory.
  • Please do not remove the card when the camera is updating itself with the newest version. 

Updating The Nikon Z6 Firmware

This is how you can update the firmware of the Nikon camera

Download The Updated Firmware 

You must download the firmware update on your computer from Nikon’s official website. Visit there and select the camera model you are currently using. In addition, you will find firmware for Mac and windows here.

If you are using Mac, select the software eligible for Mac computers. Now, scroll down at the end of the site, click the box to accept, and choose the download button to start downloading the firmware on your computer. The exact process applies to windows computers. 

Extract The File And Copy It To The SD Card 

Remember that the file will be downloaded from the site in zipped format. So it would be best if you had unzipped and extracted the file. After unzipping, the file will show a folder named after the camera model and, at the end of it, the (.) bin.

This is the firmware file for the camera, and you need to copy this to the SD card. But make sure you have copied it to the root directory, not in any file. Or the device will find the firmware. Then, when the task is done, please insert it into the camera. 

Power On The Camera And Update the Firmware

How To Update Nikon Z6 Firmware

Use the power button to turn the camera on and press the ‘Menu’ button. It will show sub menus inside it. For example, select the ‘wrench’ button and go to the end to reach the firmware update option. Please open it and follow other procedures to update the device to the latest version. 

It will take some time to complete the whole procedure; till then, you have to wait. Then, when installing the latest version of firmware is done, power off and on the camera to check the updated firmware version.

How Do You Format The SD Card On Nikon Z6?

While updating the camera’s firmware, formatting the device’s SD card is necessary. It should be done from the shooting device, not the computer. The formatting process will remove all files and saved videos from the card. 

You should copy all critical files or videos to another memory or computer to prevent losing them forever. Then, follow the process to format the SD card from the Nikon Z6. 

Ensure you have inserted the memory into the camera. Then turn on the camera and select the Menu button to open it. Go to the Wrench menu and then go to ‘Format memory card’ and confirm ‘Yes,’ and the card will start formatting. 

What Are The Benefits Of Updating The Firmware? 

You will get these benefits from updating the firmware of the camera-

  • Adds extra features 
  • Fixes problems in a camera, like turning off the camera while using continuous shooting. 
  • Improves the image quality by adding some special effects
  • Solves Autofocus related issues
  • Enhance the performance of the processor of the camera 
  • Ensures the safest security level of the camera by fixing bugs


Nikon Z6 is a mirrorless camera that is best for portrait and low-light photography. Installing the latest firmware version in the camera will provide it with new features and others that help you create a great photo. So, always provide your camera with the latest updates. 

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