How To Update Canon R5 Firmware

How To Update Canon R5 Firmware


The Canon Eos R5 is a mirrorless camera that can cover the area of 1053 AF areas using dual-pixel CMOS AF sensors. Moreover, it has deep learning technology that tracks people or animals. These facilities will be improved when the Canon R5 device gets the latest firmware update. 

Let’s talk about the things you need to update, the updating process, and its importance. 

What Are Things Necessary For Updating The Camera To The Latest Version?

While updating the camera’s Firmware, you should ensure some things for the camera. And these are-

  • The latest version of the Firmware
  • Formatted SD card 
  • Fully charged battery


The latest firmware version for the canon R5 camera is 1.5.2 in 2022, and you must download it from Canon’s official website. The address of the Canon camera is From there, you can install the Firmware. 

Formatted Sd Card

You should have a formatted sd card for your camera, and the formatting process should be done from the camera, not from the computer. Moreover, the sd card memory should be 64-128 GB, as it is recommended by the Canon authority while updating the camera’s Firmware. 

Do not forget to make a copy of the videos or photos from the card before formatting it. Otherwise, all will be permanently deleted, and you cannot retrieve them.


Check whether the camera’s battery is fully charged or not. This is necessary because updating the Firmware takes some time. And that time, if the battery charge drains out, the firmware update will not occur. 

How Do You Update The Canon R5 Firmware? 

These are the procedure for updating the Firmware-

Step 1: Set The Camera To ‘P’ Mode And Check The Firmware Version

First, you should set the camera to ‘P’ mode. To do this, turn the camera on and go into Photo mode. Then click the Menu button, select the number 5 in the Wrench menu, and move down to the bottom to get the firmware option. 

From this option, you can see the version of Firmware installed in the camera, and you can also see the upgraded version when it is installed. 

Step 2: Download The Firmware

Open the browser on your computer, type and visit. From there, click support, choose ‘software and drivers,’ and you will get a new window. Next, select the camera icon and the ‘Eos and digital cameras.’

You will need to mark an option of ‘Eos R..’ When you get it, click the option and choose the camera mode you are using. The ‘drivers and downloads of the Canon Eos R5 appear on the computer screen. 

There are two versions of Firmware available for Windows and Mac computers. Choose which operating system you are using and click the download button. It will be downloaded in a zipped file.  

Step 3: Format The Sd Card

In this stage, you need to format the sd card from the camera. First, insert the sd card into your camera and cover the lid. Next, press the Menu button, go to the Wrench icon, and select the format card on page 1 under the Wrench menu. 

Choose the card slot you want to format the card and click ‘Ok’ to start formatting. It will take some seconds to complete the task. When it is completed, please remove it from the camera. 

Step 4: Unzip And Copy It To The Sd Card

The downloaded file is in zipped format. Extract the file, and you will get a file named ‘.fir,’ copy it to the sd card. But ensure you have copied it to the memory card, not to any folder in the memory card. Otherwise, the camera will fail to track the firmware file. 

Step 5: Update The Firmware

How To Update Canon R5 Firmware

It is the last step of the whole procedure. Place the memory card into the camera and turn the device on. Check the gadget is still in ‘P’ mode. Now, press the menu button and go to the Wrench menu. 

On page 5, scroll down to the end and select ‘Firmware.’ You will be notified to choose either the camera or the lens. It would be best if you chose the camera option. When you press the ‘OK’ button, the camera will start adopting the Firmware and ask you to permit it to go through the other process. 

An important thing to be noted is that when the camera prepares and finishes adoption, you can not use the touch screen facility of the camera. Instead, you must command the device using the ‘scroll wheel’ and ‘set’ buttons. 

Hit the set button, use the scroll wheel to go to the ‘Ok’ option, and press the set button again. 

Installing the 1.5.2 version of the camera begins, which completes in 5 munites, and you are discouraged from using the camera till that time. 

Turn the camera off when the updating process is finished. Then power the camera on and check the firmware version in the Wrench menu. Now your device is ready, and you are allowed to use this camera. 

What Is New In This 1.5.2 Firmware Version For Canon R5? 

Each firmware update of the camera brings some new features and updates the existing ones. With the firmware version of 1.5.2, you will get-

  • Optimized Autofocus accuracy
  • Improves the Autofocus tracking for moving subjects 
  • Boosts the Eye Detection stability 

Why Updating The Firmware Is Important? 

Updating the camera’s Firmware is essential for you as it adds some new features to the device. It helps you to use the latest features like enhanced autofocus technology, tracking the eyes of the subject accurately if it is covered with hair or obstacles coming in front of the target’s eyes. 

Moreover, it improves the detecting capacity for the moving subjects and keeps them focused while using the camera to take a snap. Furthermore, it fixes minor issues like battery drainage, sudden lens stuck problem, etc. In addition, it fixes bugs and boosts the total performance of the camera. 


Updating the camera to the new firmware version will help the device match with an RF5.2mm F2.8 L Dual Fisheye lens. Follow the step-by-step process to install the Firmware and get familiar with the brand-new features. 

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