How to Update Canon 6D Firmware

How to Update Canon 6D Firmware


The firmware update fixes issues, improves your camera performance, and gives the camera new functions. But, do you know “How to update Canon 6d firmware?” if you don’t know or are confused about it, this guide is for you. So, let’s dive into the discussion below: 

What to Check before Firmware Update? 

Before updating firmware, you must determine which version your 6D camera is using already. Afterward, check the camera’s battery life as it should be fully charged. 

Canon 6D Firmware Update Procedure

To update Canon 6D firmware, you have to perform the following steps as mentioned below: 

Step 1: Turn on the camera. Now, you have to format the memory card of this device. For that, go into the “My menu settings.” 

How to Update Canon 6D Firmware

You must rotate the quick control dial and set the number 1. There you will see the option called format card. Before formatting the memory card, you must mark “Low-Level Format,” To mark it, press the Garbage icon in your camera. Now press ok, and it will format your memory card. 

Now, your SD card is ready, and you can put it on the computer and upload firmware into it. 

Step 2: In this step, open canon’s website and find the 6d. Afterward, you must scroll down and find the ‘Firmware” option underneath the driver. There, you will find two types of 6D firmware: one is for mac, and another is for windows. You can download it based on your computer.

Step 3: You will get two files once you download the firmware. Between them, one includes instructions, and another one has a 6d firmware update. Then, copy the files and paste them into the memory card before inserting the card into the camera. The camera should be in program mode. 

Step 4: Go to the firmware update option and click ok. Then, the camera will search for firmware updates in the memory card. Afterward, you must confirm the firmware file ( 61:1) for firmware and click ok again. Then, go forward, confirm and let it run. 

Do not switch the camera off or press buttons during the updating process. Otherwise, the camera’s firmware won’t be updated appropriately, and you may face function trouble with your camera. 

After the update is complete, press ok, then go to the settings and check whether the firmware is updated or not. I think the firmware in your camera is updated correctly. 

Final words

So, following the steps mentioned earlier, you can update your Canon 6D camera’s firmware. Are you still puzzled? about “ How to update canon 6d firmware?”  Then, shoot your questions in the comment box, and we will solve them together. Thanks for reading. 

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