How To Take Professional Photos With iPhone 12;

How To Take Professional Photos With iPhone 12


Taking professional photos with your iPhone 12 doesn’t have to be difficult. With some easy tips and tricks, you’ll be able to get nice results. Use The Correct Lens

You should use the right lens if you want great photos with your iPhone 12. The iPhone 12 has 2 camera lenses: a wide-angle lens and a telephoto lens. If you’re shooting a landscape, you’ll want to use the wide-angle lens. Or for portraits, the telephoto lens is the better choice.

Use Portrait Mode

Portrait mode could be a good way to induce professional-looking photos with your iPhone 12. It uses the telephoto lens to make a shallow depth of field that blurs the background and makes your subject stand out.

Use The Grid

The grid feature on your iPhone 12’s camera can help you compose your photos more professionally. When you turn on the grid, you’ll see a series of horizontal and vertical lines that divide your frame into thirds. It helps you place your subject off-center, which is more visually appealing.

Use The Timer

If you would like to avoid shaking while taking photos with your iPhone 12, use the timer feature. It will give you a few seconds to steady your camera before taking the photo.


HDR, or high dynamic range, could be a good way to get a lot of detail and distinction in your photos. When you modify HDR, your iPhone 12 can take multiple photos at different exposures and mix them into one photo. It helps you avoid over- or underexposing your photos.

Use Burst Mode

Burst mode is a good way to capture action shots. When you enable burst mode, your iPhone 12 will take photos quickly. It is perfect for photographing moving subjects, like kids or pets.

Use Live Photos

How To Take Professional Photos With iPhone 12;

Live photos are fun, thanks to adding some life to your photos. While taking live photos, your iPhone 12 can capture a short video beside the photo. It can be a decent way to add some surroundings to your photos.
Use Filters

Filters are often good, thanks to adding artistic aptitude to your photos. iPhone 12 includes an inbuilt filter tool that you can use for different effects on your photos.
Use Editing Tools

iPhone 12’s editing tools can help you fine-tune your photos to get them just right. With the editing tools, you’ll crop, rotate, and modify your photos’ brightness, contrast, and saturation.

Use A Photo App

A variety of nice pic apps offered for iPhone 12 may assist you in taking better photos. Some of our favorites embrace Camera+, Manual, and ProCamera.

By following these tips, you’ll be able to take great skilled photos with your iPhone 12.

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