How To Reset Canon Camera

How To Reset Canon Camera


Do you ever notice the picture you have taken does not match your desire? For example, it goes too light or dark; sometimes, it turns blue. Moreover, you cannot connect the camera to the TV to see your taken pictures on a big screen or fail to print images from your device.

If it happens, then the question is, why? Well, it happens due to changing settings in shooting mode you have done to take great photos or accidentally changing Menu settings. These happenings make the camera malfunction, and you will not properly use the camera. 

The solution to these problems is resetting the camera to factory mode. This will let the camera to the default mode again by erasing all the sittings done to it. Now, how do you do it? You have to read this guideline to know about it. 

So, let’s discuss the matter. 

How To Reset Your Canon Camera?

How To Reset Canon Camera

Canon digital camera or DSLR, what kind of camera do you use? The notable news is that Canon provides all types of cameras with the same factory reset setting. So, you don’t have to bother about how you reset your DSLR or digital camera. 

You must follow some steps to reset a digital or DSLR camera. But before resetting, you must extract the memory card from the camera because it will also clear the data from the memory card. 

Digital or DSLR camera factory resetting-

  • Turn the camera on.
  • Then go to the button to press it, and you will see menu settings on display. There you will find the wrench icon in a third bracket. 
  • Go there and select clear settings and press SET. 
  • You will get clear all camera settings appear with cancel and ok option on display. Press ok, and then press SET.

Now you have done your work and wait five minutes to let the camera go to factory mode again. 

Difference Between Factory Reset And Reset Default

You may encounter words like factory reset or reset default in your camera and think both comments are the same. But the answer is “No.” For your kind information, each word has a different meaning.   

The Reset Default or Camera Settings is related to the camera. It sets the changes made in the camera’s shooting modes to the default. The Factory Reset deletes all your information and sets all camera functions to revert. 

Registered faces, camera Settings, registered AF micro-adjustments, Date or Time Setup, and Wi-Fi settings are under the arena of factory reset. 

What Are The Benefits Of Factory Reset? 

Giving your camera a factory reset is good for you as it improves camera functions by moving all the settings to default. As a result, you can easily customize your camera settings according to your wish to get a better picture. 

While using the camera for a long time, you allow it to store unimportant information or leftover data from uninstalled apps. As a result, it takes up space in your memory card and gives you less to use it. Factory reset removes all the collected data and gives you too much room to save photos or videos on the memory card. 

If you are thinking of selling your camera, then it is necessary to reset your camera in factory mode and erase all your data. It will release you from worry and not getting access to your moments from the new owner. Moreover, the new owner will get it in a new form. 

Terminal Point

Canon cameras have different functions for handy use and to make your special moments memorable. You can change the settings manually and set them on your demand. But it needs an expert hand. Give it a factory reset if you unwillingly make some changes and cannot return them to the original form.

You don’t have to go two and fro in search of steps for factory reset when you can get answers from it. In this guideline, the process of giving a factory reset is given lucidly, and I am damn sure you will not lose hope. 

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