How To Record Video On Nikon D5600

How To Record Video On Nikon D5600


To make a high-quality video with the Nikon D5600 DSLR, you should know how to record it. It has some advanced features which will elevate your video-making experience. Check the method for making videos with your gadget. 

A Method Of Making A Video

This is how you can capture the target’s movements and save them to the SD card. The process is as follows- 

Rotate The Display And Turn On The Camera

The display of the Nikon D5600 is closed, but it can be rotatable to a 360-degree angle. So, before turning on the camera, hold the monitor, open and revolve it to set it to the body. Now, turn on the camera.

Press The Live View Button

You will have to push the LV button towards you to set the gadget to live view mode. It is to be found beside the mode dial. This system is given to get quick access to the video mode. When the video mode turns on, the gear will show what its lens sees. 

Lock The Target

The video setting of the camera is in auto mode by default. So it will automatically find the target and keep it in a frame. To lock the target, press the shutter button halfway. As a result, the gadget aims at the target and keeps tracking if it moves. 

Tap The Recording Button 

How To Record Video On Nikon D5600

To start recording, press the recording button located beside the shutter button. The gadget will start recording. It will be in recording service for 70 minutes in regular resolutions and 29 minutes in FHD resolutions. 

You can also know if the camera is recording or not and how much time you are recording video. While recording, a recording icon and time will be displayed on the monitor. 

If you do not want to continue recording, push the same recording. Moreover, use the live view button while exiting from the video mode. 

Check The Recorded Videos On Nikon D5600 

The recorded movies will be stored on the SD card and displayed on the LCD to play the recorded video. Use a button or a button to resume playing. If you want to see it later, press the playback button to access the recorded video.


The Camera offers you to shoot HD videos at multiple higher frame rates. Moreover, it has a quick access menu on display to change the settings you desire. I hope you have learned enough from this guideline. 

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