How To Find Shutter Count On Nikon D750

How To Find Shutter Count On Nikon D750


To know how often the Nikon D750 camera’s shutter has been used, you should learn how to find the shutter count. The Nikon Authority proclaims that you can click the shutter of the Nikon D750 camera 1,50,000 times; after that, you need to replace the shutter button. 

I have discussed ways to check the shutter button on the Nikon D750 DSLR camera in this guideline. So let’s start the discussion.   

Ways To Find Shutter Count On Nikon D750

You can count your shutter on your Nikon D750 in two ways. You check the shutter actuation online, or you can use photoshop to see the remaining lifespan of the camera’s shutter. Look below to learn the process-

Check The Shutter Count Online

If you want to check the shutter count online, ensure the camera’s memory card is inserted into the device. When you confirm the SD card in the shooting machine, turn the camera on and take a raw photo. 

Your photo should be in JPEG basic format; if not, you must set the format to the required one. To change the format, Press the ‘Menu’ button and scroll right down to the ‘photo shooting menu.’ Select ‘image quality and change the format to ‘JPEG.’ you also confirm the image size should be low. This option is available in the same area. 

How To Find Shutter Count On Nikon D750

After taking a photo, take out the memory card and use an adaptor to attach it to the computer. You can also link the SD card to the computer without removing it from the camera, and you need a USB cable to do that.

Next, copy the photo from the SD card and paste it into your preferred area on a computer’s memory. 

The photo is to be uploaded online to check the shutter’s remaining lifespan. First, open the browser and type ‘’ Now, open a tab, select the image from the select box and click ‘upload.’ it’ll take some seconds to complete the full process. When the task is done, it will show the result, including your camera’s name. 

Use Adobe Photoshop To Check The Shutter Actuation

The second way to learn the shutter actuation of the camera is to use Adobe Photoshop. This process is simple, and it does not take much time. First, press the shutter button to take a photo and switch it to the computer.

Open the image using adobe photoshop. Click the ‘File’ on the left side at the top and then select ‘File Info.’ You will see options on the app’s top; choose ‘Advanced’ to get a list. 

Mark ‘Schema’ from the list, and you get all the information about the shutter, like how many pictures it has clicked, the remaining time left to reach the target, etc. 


Now you know how to check the remaining lifespan of the shutter actuation. Use any of the two methods to ensure the times left to click and replace the shutter button if you don’t want reduced quality in your image. 

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