How To Connect Wyze Camera To Wi-Fi

How To Connect Wyze Camera To Wi-Fi


You should follow this guideline if you do not know how to connect your Wyze camera to Wi-Fi. Here you find steps to buildup the connection of the camera to the Wi-Fi network. Let’s dive into the discussion. 

Unbox The Camera

First of all, you should unbox the camera and other items. You will get a camera, a charger, and a cable in a box. You need to set them up and establish the power connection.  

Provide The Camera With A Power Source

Once you connect the device to the charger with a cable, then attach the charger to the outlet. The camera will power on and flashes a signal. 

One thing must be noted the charger provided with the camera is suitable for indoor usage. It is not made for outdoor setup. But if you want to set the camera outdoors, you must spend extra money to buy a weather-resistant adapter. 

Download App 

How To Connect Wyze Camera To Wi-Fi

You need to download a Wyze app from the app store. Type the name of the camera model and click to download when you find it. It will suggest you create an account. 

So open an account by giving the information it requires. You will not have to type further if you already have an account. You just log in and make the app active. 

Use The App To Add A Device

On your phone’s display, the Wyze app will allow you to add a device which is the camera you unboxed. You will see the (+) icon in the app’s top left corner. 

Hit that button and then click “ADD DEVICE” when it appears on the screen. Now, choose Wyze cam from the list when it shows on the LCD. 

Turn On The Camera. 

The work to set up the app is done now, and pay attention to turning the camera on. There is a button at the bottom of the camera. 

Press and hold this button to make the camera come alive, and you will hear the saying of the camera- ready to connect. 

Scan The QR Code

You need to allow the camera to scan the QR code this time. Follow the instructions to turn on settings like allow location, network selection, Wi-Fi password, etc. It will get you a QR code. 

When you get it, place the camera in front of the phone’s display and hold it for seconds to scan the code. 

Name The Camera 

When the device successfully scans the code, it will automatically establish the connection. It will take 10 to 30 seconds to get linked to the Wi-Fi. You will be asked to give a name to the device. Once it is done, press the Finish button to end the task. 

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