How To Connect Nikon D750 To iPad

How To Connect Nikon D750 To iPad


If you want to connect the Nikon D750 24.3 megapixels SLR camera with your iPad, you must use its built-in Wi-Fi connectivity as it does not offer Bluetooth. This guideline provides the necessary app and instructions to link the iPad to the camera. 

Let’s see the procedure for connecting the camera to the iPad. 

How To Connect Nikon D750 To iPad Via Wi-Fi 

You need an app installed on your tablet when you want to link the camera to the iPad. With the help of it, you can connect the device to the computer, see the images from the tab or transfer them to the pad. See the process for connecting both camera and tab via Wi-Fi network-

Stage 1: Download WMU App On iPad

The ‘WMU App’ is the one you need to install on your tab. The Nikon company manufactured and developed this app for setting up the wireless network between the camera and the iPad. This app is available on the apple store. Search and download it from there. After downloading, install it on your device. 

Stage 2: Camera’s Wi-Fi Should Be Enabled 

To make the camera’s Wi-Fi network visible to the tab, make it enable. Next, select the ‘Menu’ button after turning on the camera, then scroll down to the ‘Setup’ menu, where you can turn on the Wi-Fi of the shooting device. 

After selecting the ‘Wi-Fi’ option under the ‘Setup’ menu, you will encounter that it is in the disable mode; use physical buttons to go up or down and the ‘OK’ button of the camera to confirm the changes to enable. 

Stage 3: Ensure The Tab Gets The Camera Via Wi-Fi Network  

Ensure the Wi-Fi of the tab is on. If it is not, go to the tab’s settings to open the Wi-Fi option and turn it on. Doing so allows the tab to search for the camera’s Wi-Fi network. You will find the camera’s network named after the camera on the tab’s monitor when it has found the web. 

Select the name to connect the tab to the computer via Wi-Fi. You will get a notification on the camera’s monitor when both devices are paired. 

Stage 4: Ready To Send Photos 

You can see photos saved in the shooting device’s memory or transfer them from the camera to the computer using the WMU app. When you open the app, select pictures on the Nikon D750 DSLR under the ‘View photos’ there. 

How To Connect Nikon D750 To iPad

If you want to copy images, select one or multiple photos, press ‘download,’ and then the ‘OK’ button to start sending. If you’re going to get the picture without decreasing its quality level, think about sending photographs one by one. 

When sending images in a single form seems to you an irritating job, then send them in a group. It will take less time to transfer, but you will not get the original size from them. However, you can see the downloaded pictures from your tab when the transfer is completed. Also, ensure the camera’s Wi-Fi is turned off after completing the task. 


These are the steps you need to know for linking the Nikon D750 DSLR camera to the iPad. Follow the instructions and wirelessly transfer your videos or images to your iPad from your camera. 

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