How To Connect Canon T7 To iPhone

How To Connect Canon T7 To iPhone


You can easily connect the Canon T7 to your iPhone to transfer photos and videos as it has built-in Wi-Fi and NFC technology. But you should know how to connect the camera to the smartphone, and in this guideline, I have highlighted it. 

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How Do You Connect Canon T7 To iPhone?

To connect the Canon T7 digital camera to your iPhone, you must have a Canon Camera app on your device. This app allows you to build a wireless connection between the camera and the smartphone via Wi-Fi, whereas you do not need any Wifi router. 

It allows you to take photos, see them, or even delete or download them to your mobile using this app. 

If you want to be benefitted from this app, then you should open the Apple app store and type ‘Canon camera connect’ to search for and download it. After the download is completed, open the app and follow the procedures to prepare it for later use. Canon EOS Rebel T7 DSLR Camera Bundle with 2 Lenses + MORE -

It is time to make the camera ready to connect to the smartphone. But before doing anything, ensure the camera’s memory card is inserted. 

You will have to go to the wifi settings in the camera to enable it and make it visible to the smartphone’s wifi network. To do this, turn on the camera and press the menu button to go to the wi-fi/NFC section. 

Use the four-side direction pad to scroll to the third wrench menu, where the wi-fi/ NFC option is located. Select the ‘Set’ button to open that division and change the wi-fi/ NFC from disable to enable mode, and press the “Set” button again. 

Once you enable the wifi/NFC option, you will not be able to use the USB and the HDMI connectivity for transferring files or videos, etc.; disable the option when you need to use those terminals. 

Give a nickname to your camera; it will help the mobile find the camera and connect it through the wifi network. When you enable the wi-fi/ NFC mode, the camera will allow you to set a nickname. 

Moreover, you will find a nickname already given in the camera; if you do not like it, delete the name by using the trash button on the camera’s body. Next, use the pad to roam around the letters shown on display to type and press the ‘Menu’ button after typing. 

A new display will open; press the ‘Set’ button again to select ‘Ok.’ it will take you back to the third wrench menu. In that menu, go to the wi-fi function, and enter it. You will find a smartphone logo along with three more symbols. Choose the smartphone option, select the ‘Easy Connection,’ and press ‘Ok.’ 

You will get an SSID and the encryption key after completing the process. This encryption key will be used as a password in the smartphone to set up the wireless network between the mobile and the camera. 

Connect the camera to the mobile’s wi-fi network. Open the mobile wifi setting, search for the camera’s SSID or network name, and select. Establish the connection after giving the password to the device. 

To use the camera through the smartphone, open the ‘Canon camera connect’ and select the camera when you find its nickname. In the camera display, you will have to do the same thing. 

When you find the camera is seeking permission to connect with the iPhone, press the ‘Set’ button to give ‘Ok.’ Everything is set now, and you are allowed to get access to the camera through your mobile. 

How Do You Transfer Photos From Canon T7 To iPhone? 

You can transfer photos from your camera to your iPhone in these ways. 

  • Wifi
  • iPhone lightning SD card adaptor


To transfer photos from the Canon T7 to the iPhone, you must connect the camera to the device through the ‘Canon camera connect’ app. Then, follow the above rules to establish the connection and open the app. 

You will be shown an option, ‘See Images on camera,’ from here, you can see the saved photos in the camera. Press the option, tap ‘Select’ on the top of the mobile’s display, and choose images to transfer to the phone. 

After completing the selection, press the drop icon to start transferring. You can do so if you want to send the images in their original form or resize them.

The app allows you to choose any of the options while shifting photos. After choosing one, press ‘Ok,’ and they will start to move to the smartphone’s memory.

iPhone Lightning SD Card Adaptor

Choose an iPhone lightning SD card adaptor if you want to transfer photos in the fastest way. It gives you more speed to shift images than the wifi. Insert the lightning port of the apple’s SD card adaptor, fix the camera‘s SD card to the back of the adaptor, and start transferring.


This is how you can connect T7 to your iPhone. You can click photos or make videos with the Canon T7 24.1-megapixel camera and transfer them using any method without facing any hassle. 

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