How to Connect Canon M50 to Computer For Live Streaming

How to Connect Canon M50 to Computer For Live Streaming


Canon EOS M50 is an excellent camera with unique features. In addition, if you are a gamer or thinking about going to live, then Canon M50 could be an ideal choice as you can use this mirrorless device as a webcam, and its self-timer feature will help to keep videos within limits. 

But, before going for live streaming, you must know how to connect m50 to the computer. This article will provide you with detailed instructions. So, without further hesitation, let us begin the discussion:  

How to connect canon M50 to Computer

How to Connect Canon M50 to Computer For Live Streaming

M50 is simple to connect to your computer. A USB cable is all that is required. I recommend using the camera’s included cable. Otherwise, if you prefer a long cord, you can purchase it from the online store, but make sure the cable’s quality is high. By using the cable, you can connect both computers and laptops. 

Now, turn on the computer and go to the canon website. You will find the “EOS WEBCAM UTILITY” app, and you have to download it. Afterward, you will need a micro USB to USB cable to connect your M50 to your computer. 

Next, head over to the M50 and switch to video mode. Then,  turn on the camera. That’s it! Now your camera is connected to the computer and ready for live streaming. 

Pro Tips

Before going to the live stream, you have to adjust some settings. For example, you have to set the camera to 1080; otherwise, your recorded videos won’t come in good quality.

Next, select the focus mode to face tracking, and it would be best if you adjust the shutter speed to 30fps or 60 fps. Then, change the exposure range ( 2.30-3.5) and the ISO range as required. 

Final Words

Canon M50 is an ideal vlogging camera, and I hope now you can connect it to your laptop without any difficulties. Still, if you have any, ask me in the comment box. 

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