How To Clean Camera Lens

How To Clean Camera Lens


You will not get sharp and crisp images from your camera if the lens of it is dirty. Fingerprints are seen on the captured picture, the target is not focused, or other things will happen. You should know how to clean the camera lens to avoid this situation. 

In this guideline, I have discussed the cleaning process of the lens, tools you need while cleaning, things to do or not to do, etc. So let’s jump into the discussion. 

How Do You Know The Camera Lens Is Dirty?

The lens of the camera is an essential thing on your camera. As a lens is the outer part of your camera, it is the primary target of dust and debris. And that is why the lens gets dirty, which needs a proper cleaning. If you do not clean the lens, dust and debris will damage it.

Learn some methods to check a dirty lens-

   See The Lens With Naked Eyes

The first method for checking the dirty lens is to inspect it with your eyes. If the lens is covered with dust and debris, it will be visible to your eyes. Use a flashlight if you don’t see anything on the lens. 

It will give rays on the lens and helps you to inspect if any dust particles are covering it. Another way to confirm the lens is dirty is to pass the light through the lens. For this, ensure the aperture of the lens is full wide. 

Let the light pass through one side of the lens and view it from another. If the lens consists of dirt, it will be shown. 

   Check Captured Photos

Whether or not the lens needs a cleaning process can be confirmed after viewing recently captured pictures. When the lens is stained, it affects photographs. Images are not sharp and clean like before, so the lens needs polishing. 

   Capture Snaps Of A Plain Surface 

You can apply a method of capturing photos of a plain surface to see the dirtiness of a lens. But to do this, you should confirm that one plain surface is dark and another is a light color. After taking shots, examine captured photos. 

    Infinity Focus Method

If you want to use this method, divert the camera to manual mode and then use the focus ring to set the focus to infinity. You can see the camera from the viewfinder if the camera is full of dust. 

What Tools Are Necessary For Cleaning A Dirty Lens?

While cleaning the lens, you need some cleaning tools to polish it. These things are-

  • Microfiber cloth or camera lens wipes  
  • Soft-bristled brush 
  • Cleaning fluid
  • Air blower 
  • Professional tools

Microfiber Cloth Or Camera Lens Wipes 

Microfiber cloth is suitable for a camera lens. This cloth is made of deeply woven fibers, making it soft and safe for a lens. In addition, this cloth gently clears the dust on the lens’s surface without harming it. 

But ensure the cloth is clean and dry. If it is not washed, it will get dirt on the lens instead of removing it. Again, you can get camera lens wipes for your device. It can also do the same work as a microfiber cloth. 

But camera lens wipes should be used once. It will get dirty after use for a one time. So, if you use it several times, then you will let your lens free to go to destruction. 

Soft-bristled Brush

A soft-bristled brush is the other thing to make your camera’s lens dust-free. You can use a toothbrush or any kind of brush whose hair is stiff, which is alarming for a lens. In addition, it will give a scratch mark on the lens and damage it. 

So a bristled brush is suitable for a camera lens as it is made of goat or camel hair. It is soft and does not leave any marks on the surface while cleaning. 

Cleaning Fluid

Cleaning fluid is the most helpful thing for cleaning a lens. Camera manufacturers produce fluids, especially for camera lenses. It will polish any fingerprints or marks on the lens and make it new. You can also use eyeglass cleaning solutions for your camera lens. It works the same as the cleaning fluid can. 

Air Blower

An air blower can clean dust from the lens in a second. It is an easy method, and it saves your time cleaning. You should choose a manual air blower as it fits best for the camera lens, whereas a canned air blower can destroy the lens. 

Professional Tools

You can also buy tools for professionals where you can find everything you need. It consists of an air blower, a lens pen, fluid, and a microfiber cloth. So you do not need to buy tools separately; you can get all of these necessary things in one kit. 

The unique feature of the lens pen is that it can brush or absorb oil or liquids as a cloth-like thing is given. So if you find oily things on the lens surface, you can use the lens pen to absorb them. 

How Do You Clean A Dirty Lens?

How To Clean Camera Lens

You should clean your lens and make it free from dust. A clean lens can last longer than a dirty lens. Now the question is when the lens should be cleaned. It depends on your usage pattern. If you use it all the time, cleaning the lens regularly is a must. 

Moreover, keep polishing the lens after a long period if it is not often used. Now see the process of cleaning the lens-

Use Blower

When you take the camera lens to clean it, you should first blow it with an air blower. It will erase the maximum amount of dust particles from the lens. As a result, you will have to invest less time in cleaning. 

Moreover, if on the lens surface there is sand, it will blow out when you apply air from the blower. So when using a microfiber cloth, the risk of leaving a scratch on it will be lessened. 

Brush The Lens 

Take the brush and apply it to the lens to separate the remaining dust particles from it. Gently use the brush so that no untouchable area is left behind. 

Apply Microfiber Cloth

Now, polish the lens with a microfiber cloth and a cleaning fluid. Drop one or two drops of fluid on the fabric and gently clean the lens surface. It will erase the marks or fingerprints on the lens and make it fresh. 

After cleaning the surface part, pay attention to the lens mount part. Not only is dirt found on the surface, but also on the mount part. The camera fails to identify the lens when the lens contacts get dirty. That is why cleaning the lens mount is necessary. 

Which Are The Things To Consider To Make The Lens Clean? 

If you want to keep your lens clean and make it dust free, then your should follow these steps-

  • Do not let the lens open when you do not use it for capturing photos.
  • Always keep the camera bag clean so the lens will not get dirty.
  • Use a filter for the lens to protect it from getting dirty. Moreover, it does not create an effect on the image quality. 
  • When placing the lens into the bag, ensure its cap covers the mouth.
  • If you want to place the lens on a shelf or a showcase at your home, ensure it is dust free.
  • While changing the camera’s lens, keep the front side of it low to prevent dust from entering it. 
  • Always keep the camera clean after use. 

What Things Should You Not Use To Clean The Dirty Lens? 

Things you should not use while cleaning the lens are as follows-

  • Do not use an air blower which is suitable for house cleaning. The force of this kind of blower is not ideal for the lens as it can not take the pressure of it.
  • Do not apply fluid directly on the lens. The chemical used in it will damage the lens coating.  
  • Do not use fluid drops more than one or two. Excessive drops will not bring a good result for your lens.
  • While polishing the lens with the microfiber cloth, try to lower the pressure as much as possible. It will not leave a scratch on the lens. 
  • Applying any kind of cleaning elements like glass cleaner, dishwasher, detergents, etc., encouraged not to use.
  • When you use the microfiber cloth, ensure it is clean and not wet. Moreover, do not use a worn-out cloth for the lens. It will make the lens dirtier instead of cleaning it.
  • Do not use the camera lens wipes for the second time if used once. 


Lens often gets dirty due to use, and it needs cleaning. Proper cleaning will expand the lens’s lifespan and enable it to remain in service. Follow the steps to clean the lens and ensure you have maintained ways to keep it safe from dust.

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