How To Check Shutter Count On Canon 5D Mark IV

How To Check Shutter Count On Canon 5D Mark IV


You should know how to check the shutter count on Canon 5D mark IV when you plan to buy it or sell it, which gives you an idea to claim a price for it. This full-frame camera has a 30.4-megapixel lens with 1x optical zoom and a CMOS sensor that allows you to press the shutter button 150000 times, decreasing after each use. 

Let’s see the discussion to get to know about the shutter count. 

How Do You Check The Shutter Count On Canon 5D Mark IV?

If you want to know the shutter count of your Canon 5D mark iv camera, then the simplest way is to use the online process. You will get all the information about your device, like the camera’s model, shutter count, serial number, etc. 

Type ‘’ and upload the recently taken picture online. It will take some seconds to show results, so till that time, you have to wait. You can also get an answer to your query from the specific software. But you have to download it on your computer. 

The software is ‘Canon EOS Info,’ by which you can check the remaining shutter lifespan of your machine. But the problem is this software is only suited for windows computers, whereas, on Mac computers, this app does not work. 

If you are using a Windows-operated computer, search for ‘Canon EOS Info’ online and down it. This will be downloaded by google drive. After completing downloading, extract the file and install it. Then, open the software and link the camera to the computer via a USB cable.

How To Check Shutter Count On Canon 5D Mark IV

The computer will notify you to turn the camera on when it finds the camera connected to it. First, switch on the camera so the computer can read the EXIF file of the image in the camera. When the task is completed, it will say to you to switch off the camera.

You will see information about your camera, including the shutter count on the monitor after turning off the shooting device. This is how you can find the data about how much you have used your camera. 

For Mac users, as Canon EOS Info does not work on apple computers, they need to download the ‘Shuttercount’ app from the app store. First, open the app and connect the camera to the computer by a cable. Then, turn on the camera and look at the monitor to see the information displayed. 


The shutter needs replacement when it exceeds its lifespan. I hope you have got enough information from this guideline. Check the shutter life and replace it when required to avoid decreasing image quality, delaying the performing shutter, etc. 

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