How To Charge Sony A7 III

How To Charge Sony A7 III


Sony A7 III uses an NP-FZ100 Lithium-Ion 2280mAh rechargeable Battery that gives you 710 shots for using the LCD screen or 610 pictures for using the viewfinder when it is charged once. After that, it needs to recharge the battery, and in this guideline, I will give you a glimpse of how to charge the Sony A7 III in different ways. 

Let’s see the following to know about the ways you can use to recharge the battery. 

Ways To Charge Sony A7 III

These are ways to charge the Sony A7 III camera battery without detaching it from the device. But first, you should check the battery is inserted into the camera and then turn the power off before charging. 

Using The Micro USB Port 

The first way to charge the camera is by using the Micro USB slot. The sony camera comes with a dedicated charging adaptor and a micro USB cable in a packet. But it does not provide any AC cable to connect the adaptor to the socket or outlet. 

But you can still ensure the energy supply to the device by using an AC cable of any electronic equipment. For example, to link the camera to the outlet, open the Micro USB slot lid and insert the adaptor’s USB cable into the port. 

Attach the AC cable to the adaptor and fix the other end of the cable to the outlet. Now, the camera is linked to the outlet and is ready to charge itself. Turn on the power supply and wait to charge the battery fully. 

The time it will take to complete its charging depends on the temperature and the tool used to attach it to the outlet. The estimated charging time is 310 minutes if the temperature is 25-degree celsius or 77 degrees Fahrenheit and the battery’s energy is completely drained.

Again, if it retains the charge previously given, the time will be less than the required time. 

USB Type-C 

How To Charge Sony A7 III

You can charge the camera using the USB type-C, the second method. The attaching procedure is the same as the USB port. The USB type-C port of the device is located in the same area where the USB port is situated. 

But the machine does not provide any type-C adaptor or charging cable. This issue can be solved when you use the smartphone’s charger or any charger of any device having a USB type-C cable. First, open the lid, attach the line to the port, and charge it. 

The time to fill the battery is the same as the micro USB. While charging, if you see the charging lamp blinking on the device, the battery is facing a problem in charging itself. The thing you can do is take out the battery and reinsert it. 

Conventional Way

However, you can apply the conventional way to recharge the battery, where you have to detach the battery from the terminal of the device and fit it into the charger. You can use a charger of any brand that is compatible with this camera’s battery. 

Remove the battery from the gadget and set it into the charger and connect the charger to the outlet. You can also attach it to the computer or the power bank.

But it will be best if you use the charger from the Sony company. The company manufactures chargers for the Sony A7iii camera’s battery or other models, which will take 150 minutes to refill the battery.

Again, if you want to charge the battery from the computer, use an AC adaptor or a charger to link it to the computer. Moreover, you should set the connection of the adaptor or the charger to the computer USB port, not in the USB hub; otherwise, the charging will not take place. 

While using the power bank to recharge the battery, use a charger and a Micro USB to Micro USB or type-C cable to link them. You can also directly charge the camera from the power bank without removing the battery. 

Everything You Need To Know While Charging The Battery

How To Charge Sony A7 III

  • If you see the lamp light lit on the camera’s body, it is charging. 
  • When the battery is filled up, the lamp light will turn off. 
  • The temperature should be 10 to 30 degrees Celsius or 50 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit for charging the batteries. Below the temperature level, the camera’s light flashes, and the battery temporarily stops charging. 
  • To check the charge level percentage, separate the USB cable from the camera, and the display will show the battery percentage. 
  • Moreover, the lamp light of the camera starts flashing when there is an error in charging. Remove and set the battery to the terminal again to resume charging. 
  • Not charging the fully charged battery is good for its health because overcharging the battery will reduce its lifespan. 
  • You may encounter the charging light flashing issue if you set a completely new battery into the camera or install it after a long time. Remove and attach the battery to resolve this happening. 
  • When a malfunction occurs while using the adaptor to charge the camera from the outlet, immediately cut off the connection to stop malfunctioning. 


Now, you know all the information about charging the Sony A7 III as it provides multiple ways to connect the machine to the outlet. So wherever you are, you can apply the methods to ensure the energy supply to the battery and use the camera to catch memories. 

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