How To Change Shutter Speed On Nikon D5600

How To Change Shutter Speed On Nikon D5600


By changing its shutter speed, get the best quality image with a Nikon D5600 camera. But you should have deep knowledge about the shutter speed and its usage time. 

Learn how to change and where you need it. Before discussing the details, let’s read up on shutter speed. 

The Shutter Rate In A Camera

The shutter speed in a camera indicates the time of shutting down and opening up the camera’s shutter. It counts the shutter for how long it will open to let the light pass through it and hit the sensor to give a sharp, decent, and clear photo.

The shutter speed in a camera is calculated in seconds or a fraction of a second. For example, the speed rate will be displayed as 1 second, 2 seconds, or 1/125 secs. The highest fraction determines the fastest shutter speed, whereas the slowest shutter speed will be shown as 1 second, 2 seconds, or even more. 

The Nikon D5600 device’s fastest shutter speed is 1/4000th second, and the slowest shutter speed is 30 seconds. 

How Do You Change The Shutter Speed In Nikon D5600?

How To Change Shutter Speed On Nikon D5600

You should set the shutter speed of the camera to the fastest when you try to take a snap of a speedy object. This speed setting stops the subject’s motion and makes it clear and sharp. The picture will be blurred if you use the slower shutter speed instead of the fastest.

So, this is why you should need the fastest shutter speed. Now, how do you change the shutter speed in your gear? Follow the process-

Turn On The Camera And Set It To The Manual Mode 

The first thing you have to change is the shutter speed of the device to turn it on and set it to M mode. You will see a dialer button on which letters like P, S, A, and M are given. This button is called the dialer button. 

Use the button to set the camera to manual mode. When the camera is in M mode, an M sign will be displayed on the monitor. You can also use the S mode or shutter priority mode, a semi-automatic mode.

Rotate The Command Dialer To Alter The Shutter Speed

After adjusting the M mode or Manual mode, rotate the command dialer to increase or decrease the speed. If you turn the key to the left, the shutter speed will move to the highest number or slows down if you revolve it to the right. 

When Should You Change The Shutter Speed Of A Camera? 

The camera’s speed controls how much light will pass through it. If the shutter speed is low, less light will come; again, the light will come in massive amounts if the shutter is open for a more extended period. Learn when to increase or decrease the shutter speed-

Fast Moving Objects

If the subject is moving at a fast speed, then you should increase the shutter speed. It will capture the issue within the highest limited time and give you a crisp and sharp photo. However, keep the shutter speed limited to 1/1000 if you try to take snaps of speedy things. 

Capturing Blurry Photos

All the time thinking a sharp and clear photo is a great photo is not a good idea. A blurry image can appeal to your eyes to be decent looking. It will be taken when the shutter speed is low. The shutter speed should be 1/60 or slower, which helps you capture a blurry image. 

Night Time Photography 

While shooting the starry nights, try to give the camera a slower shutter speed as much as possible. For example, in the night sky photography settings, use the shutter speed between 10-30 seconds.

Shooting In The Daylight

When there is much light around you, keep the ISO sensitivity low in the daytime. Because the camera can get sufficient outside light, you do not need to increase the ISO sensitivity and set the shutter speed to 1/1000 or 1/1500. 

How Do You Check The Shutter Count In The Nikon D5600 DSLR Camera?

How To Change Shutter Speed On Nikon D5600

The lifespan of the shutter in a camera is essential for photography. The shutter count or shutter actuation in a camera tells you how much time it is used and how much time the shutter will provide you service. 

If you press the shutter button once or several times, it counts and decreases the estimated usage time of the shutter. When the shutter button reaches its target, it will affect the image. 

You will have to compromise with the image quality; the photo will not be sharpened like before, or the shutter speed performance is delayed, etc. So checking the shutter lifetime of the gear is necessary to avoid such situations.

In the Nikon D5600 camera, you are provided with a shutter time of 1,00,000 times. So if you want to know the remaining usage of shutter actuation, you can check it online. But before going online, you need to follow some steps to get the shutter result. 

Step 1: Insert The Card

The first step is to place the SD card into the camera. Next, it is necessary to save a recently captured picture into it and transfer it to the computer. So, before turning on the camera, ensure you have provided a card to the gear. 

Step 2: Set The Image Quality

The image quality should be JPEG basic and also be in a raw format. To fulfill the requirement, press the menu button and then go to the photo shooting menu. A new window will open, and from there, select image quality. 

There you will find JPEG format, choose it and then give attention to ensure the size of the image. For checking the shutter count, the picture size should be small. 

Step 3: Take A Raw Photo 

Click the shutter to capture a raw image. The photo will be stored on the SD card. Use an adaptor and copy it to the computer. 

Step 4: Upload

This is the last part for checking the camera’s shutter count. Type ‘’ and upload the captured photo in the upload section. It will show the result of using time and the remaining lifespan of the shutter. 


Nikon D6500 DSLR camera provides you with multiple shutter speeds. Change and use shutter speeds according to the situation demands to show your creativity. 

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