how To Change Shutter Speed On Nikon D3500


The shutter speed of a camera will tell you what your captured photo will be. The picture will be sharp or blurred depending on the changing shutter speed. In this guideline, I will discuss details about changing the shutter speed. Let’s talk about exactly what shutter speed is. 

What Is Shutter Speed?

The shutter speed in a camera is one of three exposure triangles. It determines the speed of a shutter to open or close and affects the light reaching the sensor. For example, if the shutter takes much time to close, it will let much light hit the sensor.

Again, when the shutter closes and opens at the fastest speed, it will let less light come. The shutter speed in a device is measured in a second or a fraction of a second. So, for example, a gadget’s shutter speed is 1/125, 1/250, 1/500, etc. 

In a Nikon D3500 DSLR camera, the faster shutter speed is 1/4000 of a second to create a crisp and sharp image. Moreover, 30 seconds is the slowest shutter speed for nighttime photography. 

How Do You Change The Shutter Speed On Nikon D3500?

Like ISO or aperture, shutter speed is essential in gear. It helps you to take pictures according to your want. You should use the fastest shutter rate to capture a sharp and decent image of a moving subject. 

It will stop the motion of the target and give clarity and accuracy. But, again, a slow shutter speed is needed if you want to show your creativity by taking a blurry photo at night. 

how To Change Shutter Speed On Nikon D3500

Check how to change the shutter speed in a Nikon D3500 gadget-

  1. Turn on the camera
  2. Set the gear to manual mode. To do this, use the mode dialer.
  3. The present shutter speed, aperture, and ISO are displayed.
  4. Revolve the command dialer for changing the shutter speed. You will see the changed shutter speed on the Monitor. 
  5. If you rotate the dialer to the right, the shutter speed sets to the faster position or slows down when the dialer turns to the left. 

You can also change the shutter speed when the camera is in semi-auto mode. Ensure the gear is set to the S mode or shutter priority mode. Change the speed using the command dialer. 

This is how you can change the shutter speed in a camera. But the shutter rate of the camera is not only a change maker but also the aperture and ISO give a profound impact to make your photos detailed. 

So, you need to know how to change the aperture and ISO of a camera. But first, understand Aperture and ISO, then learn how to change them. 


The aperture in a camera determines the light in what amount that will come into the camera. The aperture in a camera is counted as an f-number or f-stop, like- f/1.4, f-2, f-2.8, etc. A smaller f-stop, like f/1.4, means a larger aperture, while a larger one, like f/16, represents a small one. 

An f-number creates a significant effect on the area of the image. For example, a small aperture will focus on all the foreground and background objects. But the same thing is not to happen to the large aperture.

When the aperture is large, it will give light space to enter with large amounts into the gear. As a result, it blurs the foreground and background objects blurry. Lenses having an aperture of f/1.4 or 2.8 are known as fast, which is ideal for nighttime photography. 


ISO of the camera sees how the camera reacts to light. It examines the target’s brightness and helps the camera to focus by sending details of it. In a Mid-range camera, the minimum ISO is 100 and ends at 25600. 

When you increase the ISO level, you will see the object will be brighter than in the previous stage. The target will turn white when you set the ISO to the highest level and will also be over-exposed after pressing the shutter button. 

Moreover, a noise issue also is related to the increase in ISO level. When you set the higher ISO level, you will see noise or grain in a photo which makes the image blur.  

How To Change Aperture 

The same button is to be used for changing the aperture of the gear. But you need to press and hold the button in addition to the command dialer. The process is as follows-

  • Ensure the camera is in a manual mode 
  • There is a plus and minus button beside the shutter button. This button is for the aperture. Press and hold this button and revolve the command dialer to change.
  • When the aperture changes, it will be displayed on Monitor.
  • On the right, the aperture turns high, or on the left, it slows.

Changing the aperture from semi-automatic mode is also applicable. While changing, focus on the procedure. 

How To Change ISO 

In a camera, the ISO is set to 100 by default. If you want to change the ISO to increase the sensitivity to light, you must depend on the navigation buttons. 

  • Turn the camera on and set it to the Manual mode
  • The camera will show the current ISO on LCD
  • Press the info/I button to get access to the ISO
  • The ISO menu will be shown
  • Use navigation keys to move from one ISO to another. 
  • Select and push the Ok button to confirm 

To change the camera’s ISO, ensure the device is in semi-auto mode. 

When Should You Select The Right Shutter Speed? 

With a faster and slower shutter speed, you can freeze subjects or make things blurry to show your creative sense. For this, you should have great control over the shutter speed. Check when you should use the correct shutter speed-

Capturing Movings Things

While capturing moving things like a running person, a flying bird, or a fountain shower, you should need the fastest shutter speed. It frames the subject in a still mode and makes it sharp and accurate. A 1/1000 shutter rate is ideal for this kind of photography. 

Moreover, if the object is moving in slow motion, then using a shutter speed of 1/200 or 1/100 is good. It does not make the photo blur and gives the actual image you want. 

Shooting Starry Nights 

how To Change Shutter Speed On Nikon D3500

If you are fond of taking pictures of the stars at night, you should focus on the ISO, aperture, and shutter speed a lot. In the low light situation, sufficient light will not enter the camera and hit the sensor. So, if you capture a photo with a fast shutter speed, it will be dark.

The shutter speed should be set according to the lens’s focal length to get the best result at nighttime. For example, if the lens is 50 mm, the shutter rate should be 1/50 or 1/30 if the lens is 30 mm. This method is used when you do not use a tripod to support the camera. 

Again, if you place the gear on a tripod to reduce the shaking issue for getting a sharp photo, set the shutter speed to 1/30 or 1 second. You should also increase the camera’s ISO as the situation is black at night. 

So, increasing the ISO will brighten the picture. But extending the ISO does not mean that you should set it to the highest level. Noise or grain issues will happen when the ISO is too high. This is why I keep the ISO low as much as possible.

There is also another thing besides shutter speed. Use 2.8 aperture if you have a full frame wide angle lens which provides the device sufficient light. 

Taking Group Photos

For taking group photos, the fast shutter speed is employed when children are in a group. Their movement does not allow you to take a lovely image of a mass, and your captured photo will not provide any meaning. It will not happen when you use the fastest shutter speed. 

Showing Creative Sense With Blurry Subjects

To show your creative outlook through blurry photography, you need a tripod and choose the correct shutter speed. The ideal shutter speed is 30 seconds for creating a blurry motion of a moving subject, like a fast-moving car or something else. 

How To Check Shutter Count On Nikon D3500 


Check the shutter life of a secondhand camera if you are on a tight budget. By checking the EXIF data of an image, you can get to know the remaining lifespan of a device. It also provides information on how much time you can fire with your camera. 

In a Nikon D3500, an entry-level DSLR camera, you will get a maximum lifespan of 1,00,000 times. When it hits the limit, it creates an effect on the shutter. The shutter’s performance level slows down gradually, stops working, or may break and needs repairing. 

This is why you need to ensure the remaining lifetime of the shutter. To check the shutter actuation of the camera, you need to depend online. The address is From this site, you can get every detail of your gear. But you should upload a raw photo to this site. 

Check the procedure- 

  1. Ensure you have inserted a memory card
  2. The photo you will upload should be in a basic JPEG format. Power the camera on to adjust the photo settings and push the Menu button. 
  3. Navigate to the photo shooting menu and select the image quality.
  4. From there, choose the JPEG. 
  5. An image should also be small in size. Ensure it before going to further steps. 
  6. Take a raw photo with your gear and send it to the computer. 
  7. On the mentioned site, upload the taken image in the upload section and wait.
  8. The site will show you details of the camera, including its model. 


You can take the best photo anytime by changing the shutter speed on Nikon D3500. However, remember that you have chosen the correct shutter speed while taking snaps day or night. 

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