Does Canon 80D Have Wi-Fi

Does Canon 80D Have Wi-Fi?


When the question is, Does Canon 80D have Wi-Fi connectivity? The answer is ‘YES.’ It has built-in Wi-Fi connectivity that you can connect the device to your phone or computer to send photos at the fastest speed. Now, how do you do it? Well, by following some simple steps that are to be found in this place. 

Stick to the guideline to know how to turn on Wi-Fi, the app you need to install on mobile, and connect both. 

How To Connect Your Canon 80D To Wi-Fi

You have to follow only four simple steps to connect the camera and your mobile. By doing this, you can see pictures or videos from the phone’s display; even you can save them. They are as follows- 

You must first download the Camera ‘Connect App’ from Canon’s main site on your smartphone. After downloading, install the app and make it ready for later use. 

Next, you need to enable Wi-Fi connectivity in a camera that is disabled by default. To do this, press the Menu button, find the ‘wireless communication’ in a settings menu, and turn on Wi-Fi/ NFC. 

You will be suggested a nickname for the Wi-Fi network from the camera. If you like the name, then confirm it or can change it by typing a new one. 

Does Canon 80D Have Wi-Fi

Now, choose the mobile logo in the Wi-Fi function and ensure you have selected ‘Easy Connection.’ You will be provided with an SSID and password. Both will be used in the next step for establishing the connection between the camera and the smartphone. 

In this step, open the Canon Connect app on the mobile, follow the instructions on display, and use SSID and password to pair both camera and smartphone. Both devices are ready to send and receive files when the connection is built up. 

To see the saved images of the camera from a smartphone, press the images on the camera, and you are good to go to see pictures. You can also download images if you like. Press the download button on a selected photo, and it will be saved. 

This is how the gadget and mobile interconnect to be built. 

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