Canon PowerShot Black Screen Problem

Canon PowerShot Black Screen Problem


Many consumers complain about their canon PowerShot black screen problem and that the display is not working. I understand the situation, and I have a solution for you.

This irritating situation prevents you from powering on the camera and capturing the moment you want to take. 

Before we dive into the solution, let’s find out why this problem occurs; then, you will explore possible troubleshooting of the issue. 

What Are the Reasons For the Canon PowerShot Black Screen Problem? 

After deep analysis, I have found some reasons that cause the black display problems to your camera. You will find details below-

Display Button Canon PowerShot SX740 HS Black Gorillapod Case - Compact camera Canon on LDLC | Holy Moley

The display turns black due to accidental touch on the display button next to the screen. 

Its primary function is to turn the screen off or on. While adjusting the modes or something else, your fingers may press the button that turns the screen black. 

Power Saving Mode 

Power saving mode allows your camera to save power when you are not using it. In addition, it protects the battery power to use later by turning the monitor off. 

Low Battery Power 

It will not let the display work if your battery power is low or it is not correctly inserted. This is because the camera derives energy from the batteries inserted in it. Therefore, it fails to do its job if it is not accurately loaded or charged. 

Furthermore, if the battery terminal is garbage, it is possible to connect failure between the camera and the battery.

Internal Wirings Connected To the LCD, Power Supply, and Motherboard

LCD, power supply, and motherboard are connected through internal wirings. Faulty wirings of these things can be the cause of black display. Because of damaged wires, signals don’t pass, and nothing shows on the screen. 

Manual Mode 

You can be the reason for the dark display. It sounds a little bit crazy but true. You usually alter the camera’s ISO, shutter speed, or aperture settings to take a great picture. But without the actual knowledge of changing it, you make it a disaster. As a result, whatever you capture, the screen shows nothing. 

Dimmed Brightness Level 

There is a brightness option in the camera. You will not see anything on display if it is manually set to the lowest level. Though everything is okay, your fault makes you think something happens to the camera. 


After much discussion over reasons, now let us go to look after the solutions. I have provided you with some answers that may be effective for you. They are-


Make sure your camera batteries are fully charged and inserted correctly. Then turn on the camera and press the display button, and the screen will work.

Try to clean your camera’s battery terminal with a dry cotton swab and cover batteries after placing them. 

Power Saving Mode

Check the power-saving option of your camera and set it to the time you want. The screen will automatically shut off after reaching the configured time. For doing this, go to menu settings; there, you will find the wrench option where power-saving mode is available.  

Press okay to access auto power turn off or on and display option. There you can quickly turn the automatic control on or off. Moreover, you can set the time for turning off the display. Select after how much time the screen will go out and press okay.  

Power Supply, LCD, and Mother Board  

Follow the manual and ensure the power supply and LCD wirings are okay. If they are damaged, then replace them. Again, everything is set, but the problem is in the motherboard, so the solution is the same as the previous ones; return. 

Reset Mode 

If you cannot fix the functions’ changes, reset it to factory mode. It is easy and doesn’t hamper your device. It will clear information settings and set them to the default mode. Afterward, adjust the date, time passwords, or other consequence procedures and use the camera like a newer one. 

If the problem remains the same after applying methods, take it to the service center. 


Black screen problems happen due to some reasons that are not beyond reach to resolve. However, you can quickly fix it with some steps. Just read my guideline to know them and apply them in need. I hope my approach provides you with better solutions. 

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