Canon M6 Mark II vs M50

Canon M6 Mark II vs M50 – Which Camera is the Best One & Why?


Canon M6 Mark II vs M50Canon EOS M6 Mark II and EOS M50 cameras are formed with almost similar quality features, but we suggest you get Canon EOS M6 Mark II because it has more advanced functions than EOS M50.

Why We Suggest Canon M6 Mark II?

  • This camera supports UHS-II cards, and M50 supports only UHS-I cards. UHS-II is the updated version of UHS-I, and this card offers faster read and writes speed, and it can hold a significant capital of data. 
  • Canon M6 Mark II has a white balance bracketing feature that will cover different colors of light emitted from various sources. But, M50 doesn’t have this feature. 
  • This camera has 32.5 Megapixels APS-C sensors, and M50 has only 24.1 Megapixels APS-C sensors. With a more prominent image sensor in M6 mark-II, you can capture more detailed and sharp images than the M50. 
  • Both cameras have 143 focus points, but you can manually extend M6 mark-II camera’s focus points to 5481, which gives you a better opportunity to focus accurately on any object than the M50. 
  • You can capture 14 frames per second with the M6 Mark-II, and with M50, you can capture only 10 frames per second. So, M6 Mark-II ensures perfect photos while capturing fast-moving objects. 
  • This camera has an adjustable viewfinder that comes with innovative AF technology and gives you a premium outlook. But, Canon M50’s viewfinder is fixed in the camera’s body like regular cameras. 
  • You can record 4K resolution video at 30 fps with the M6 Marl-II, whereas with M50, you can record 4K videos only at a 24fps rate. So, M6 Mark-II ensures better video quality than the other one.
  • Quick Control Dial is available in this camera to help you control the camera settings quickly. But, you won’t get this dial-in Canon EOS M50.
  • Canon EOS M6 Mark-II has a more powerful Battery than the M50, as you can capture 305 photos. But, you can capture only 235 images with the M50 camera. 
  • This camera has eleven custom modes, and M50 has only five custom modes. So, you can customize M6 Mark-II better than the M50. 
  • With this camera, you can transfer files faster than the M50 camera as this camera has a USB-Type C port, whereas M50 has a micro USB. 
  • Canon EOS M6 Mark-II has a wireless API feature. So, you can remotely capture photos and set various camera settings by connecting your camera with Wi-Fi. But you won’t have this facility in Canon EOS M50. 
  • The playback time of M6 Mark-II is five hours, whereas M50’s playback time is only 4 hours. 

So, you can see that Canon M6 Mark-II has all the updated and unique features which will fulfill all the requirements of a photographer and give you a premium look. Therefore, we believe Canon M6 Mark-II will be the best choice for you.


Certain features in Canon EOS M50 that you can consider: 

  • The weight of M50 is 351 grams, and M6 Mark-II’s weight is 361 grams. So, M50 has lightweight than the other one. 
  • M50’s start-up time is 1.0 seconds, and M6 Mark-II’s start-up time is 1.02 seconds.
  • You can record 85 minutes duration videos with this camera, but with M6 Mark-II, you can record 80 minutes duration videos. 
  • M50 has Vari-angle LCD, and M6 Mark-II has a tilt LCD. Vari-angle LCD provides you a better opportunity to capture images and record videos at any angle. 

You can consider Canon M50 camera for the features mentioned earlier, plus this camera shall save a couple of Dollars. But, you are not going to buy a camera too many times. So, investing extra dollars in M6 mark-II will provide you with an exceptional photographic experience with unique features. 

Similar Features in Canon EOS M50 and Canon EOS M6 Mark-II

  • Both cameras’ image size is approximately 22.3 x 14.9mm. 
  • They have a dust detection feature that will help you detect dust over the lenses. 
  • These cameras have Dual Pixel CMOS Auto Focus with three focusing modes to help you concentrate ideally on the object. 
  • With these cameras, you can extend the ISO range to 51200, and you can capture high-resolution images and videos even if the light is low. 
  • They have 5-axis image stabilization, and you can record 4K, Full HD, and HD resolution videos with them. 
  • They have one year of limited warranty service from the Company.

Canon M6 Mark II vs M50 Comparison Table

Specifications  Canon EOS M6 Mark II  Canon EOS M50
Image canon-m6-mark-ii-vs-m50 canon-m6-mark-ii-vs-m50
Editor’s ratings  4.9 Out of 5  4.7 Out of 5
Weight ( Body Only )  361 grams  351 grams 
Weight ( including Memory card and Battery)  408 grams  387 grams 
Dimension  119.6 x 70.0 x 49.2mm 116.3 x 88.1 x 58.7mm
Camera Type  Digital single-lens non-reflex AF/AE camera Digital single-lens non-reflex AF/AE camera
UHS-I and UHS-II card compatibility Supports both  Supports only UHS-I 
Image Format  22.3 x 14.9mm (Approx.)  22.3 x 14.9mm (Approx.)
Compatible Lenses  Canon EF-M lenses  Canon EF-M lenses
Image Sensor  CMOS sensor  CMOS sensor
Number of effective pixels  32.5 Megapixels (Approx.)  24.1 Megapixels (Approx.) 
Total Pixels  34.4 Megapixels(Approx.)  25.8 Megapixels (Approx.) 
Dust deletion feature  Yes  Yes 
White balance bracketing feature Available  Not Available 
Viewfinder  electronic color viewfinder electronic color viewfinder
Autofocus type  Dual Pixel CMOS AF Dual Pixel CMOS AF
AF Points  143 points ( manually 5481 points)  143 Points 
Focusing Modes  3 Types  3 Types 
MF Peaking feature  Available  Not Available
ISO range  100-25600 100-25600
Extended ISO range  51200 51200
Camera Start uptime  1.02 Seconds  1.0 seconds 
Flash Type  Built-in Retractable  manual Pop-Up Flash  Built-in manual Pop-Up Flash
Continuous Shooting Speed rate  14 frames per second  10 Seconds per second 
Video recording  4K UHD, Full HD, HD and HDR  4K UHD, Full HD, and  HD
Digital Image Stabilization  5-Axis IS  5-Axis IS
LCD Type  TFT color liquid-crystal monitor TFT color liquid-crystal monitor
Monitor Size  3.0 inches  3.0 inches 
LCD feature  Tilt Vari-angle
Interphase Languages  29 29
Quick Control Dial  Provided  Not Provided 
Direct Printing    PictBridge-compatible printer  PictBridge-compatible printer 
Custom Controls  11 modes  5 Modes 
USB Terminal  USB Type-C  Micro USB 
Battery  LP-E17  LP-E12 
Number of Still Shots  305 frames  235 frames 
Video recording duration  80 Minutes  85 Minutes 
Play Back time  Five Hours Four Hours 
Working Temperature Range   32 to 104°F 32 to 104°F
Wireless API  Supported Not Supported 
Warranty Policy  Limited One year  Limited One year

Features & Benefits  of Canon EOS M6 Mark-II and M50

Weight and Dimension

When choosing any camera, both weight and dimension play an important role. Canon EOS M6 Mark-II’s body weight is 361 grams, and when you insert a memory card and Battery, it is measured at 408 grams.

Another side, M50’s body weight is 351 grams, and its weight becomes 387 grams, including the battery and memory card. Again, M6 Mark-Ii’s dimension is 119.6 x 70.0 x 49.2mm and M50’s dimension is 116.3 x 88.1 x 58.7mm. Both cameras have a convenient size, and you can use them easily. 

Image Sensor and ISO range

Canon EOS M50 has 24.1 Megapixels (APS-C) size sensor, and the EOS M6 Mark-II has 32.5 Megapixels (APS-C) size sensor. With a bigger image sensor, the EOS M6 Mark-II will provide high-resolution images and videos.

Besides, both cameras’ auto ISO range is 100-25600, and you can extend the ISO range to 51200. So, you will have fine detailed, and low-noise images, even if the light is dim. Again, their 5-axis image stabilization feature is going to help you capture stabilized pictures and videos. 

Image Processor and Continuous shooting rate

Both cameras have the powerful image processor DIGIC 8, which helps produce high-quality images and improves autofocus performance. In addition, when you use high ISO settings, the DIGIC8 processor helps keep images sharp and detailed in any lighting situation, plus the Auto lighting optimizer smooths the transitions between colors. Overall, this processor enables you to get impressive photos and videos.

With the Canon EOS M6 Mark-II camera, you can capture 14 frames per second, and M50 can capture ten frames per second. So, if you are looking to capture fast-moving objects accurately, then M6 mark-II is the perfect one for you. 

Video Recording

With DIGIC 8 processor and 32.5 Megapixel CMOS (APS-C) size sensor, you can record 4K movies with high definition, cinematic look at a 30fps rate. But, with M50, you can record 4K videos at 24fps. So, you will have a fantastic video experience with the Canon EOS M6 Mark II camera. . Again, you can record Full HD videos at 120fps and Time-Lapse videos with these cameras.

Auto Focus and Flash

The EOS M50 and the EOS M6 Mark-II have the Dual Pixel CMOS Auto Focus feature, which will help you to focus instantly on any particular object. Besides, they have face tracking and Eye detection compatibility for images and videos (Including 4K resolution). These cameras are ideal for providing sharp, detailed results.

They have 143 focus points, but you can manually select 5481 ends with the EOS M6 Mark II. So, M6 Mark II provides better autofocus capability than the M50. Both cameras have a built-in manual pop-up flash, plus you can capture photos silently with them as they have a Silent operation feature that mutes shutter sound.  

LCD, Battery, and Warranty Policy

Both EOS M6 Mark II and EOS M50 have large and high-resolution TFT color crystal LCD (3-inches) and touch compatibility. The monitor of EOS M6 Mark II has a resolution of 1.04 million dots, and it can tilt up 180° and down 45°.

So, you can capture multi-angle images and videos with it. Besides, the EOS M5 features a Vari-angle monitor that is also capable of capturing multi-angle photos. Again, both cameras have 29 interphase languages, so if needed, you can change the language of the camera at any time. 

Battery, Wi-Fi, and Warranty Policy

Canon EOS M6 Mark II has a powerful and better-optimized battery than the M50. You can capture 305 frames with the EOS M6 Mark II and 235 frames with the M50. Besides, these cameras have ECO mode also. You can record 80 minutes videos with the EOS M6 Mark II and 85 minutes videos with the EOS M50. Again, you will get better playback time with M6 Mark II ( 5 hours) than M50( 4 hours).

Furthermore, both cameras have Wi-Fi compatibility so that you can capture photos remotely with your smart device. But, USB type-C in the EOS M6 Mark II provides you the opportunity to transfer your files faster than M50 because the M50 camera has a Micro USB port. 

Both cameras can perfectly work on 32 to 104°F temperatures, and they have a limited warranty for a year. The Company shall provide you free service within one year of purchasing. But, you have to use the camera with proper care as the Company won’t offer free service if rough uses cause damage. 


We have tried to explain to you all the features of Canon EOS M6 Mark II and Canon EOS M50. Of course, both cameras have unique features, but in our view, Canon EOS M6 Mark II is the best camera for beginners and professional photographers.

FAQ about Canon EOS M6 Mark-II and Canon EOS M50 cameras

Does Canon EOS M50 support the UHS-II cards? 

This camera doesn’t support the UHS-II card, but Canon EOS M6 Mark-II supports this fast-reading memory card. 

Do they have an Image stabilization feature? 

Yes, both cameras have a 5-axis image stabilization feature.

Can I capture photos silently with Canon M6 Mark-II? 

Yes, this camera has a silent operation feature, which quiets the sound of the shutter as you can capture photos of your child silently. 

What is the weight of the Canon M50 with the SD card and Battery? 

Including battery and SD card, the weight of M50 is 387 grams. 

Can I capture images remotely with Canon M6 Mark II? 

Yes, this camera has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi compatibility, so you can capture photos remotely by connecting to your smartphone. 

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