Canon M50 vs Sony A6000

Canon M50 vs Sony A6000 – Know Why Canon M50 Is the Best?

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If you can’t decide on the best camera between the Canon M50 and Sony A6000, we suggest you choose the Canon M50. Check the below section to know why Canon M50 is best.

Why You Should Choose the Canon M50?

  • This device provides you with 51200 ISO, While the Sony a6000 gives a 25600 ISO range. The sensor absorbs more light so that you can capture outstanding photos even at low light without any flash.
  • It gives 119k higher screen resolution, whereas its competitor provides only 921k dots screen resolution. And a higher resolution makes the images sharper and clear and reviews the photos.
  • Canon m50 has a touchscreen feature, so using this device is effortless. Unfortunately, the Sony a6000 does not have any touch screen feature.
  • This device is allowed to have a stereo microphone that helps to record audio without any external microphone. Sony a6000 does not have this stereo microphone, so you need an external microphone to record audio.

Canon M50 is equipped with these impressive features so that you immerse in photography. But the Sony A6000 cannot offer you these awesome functions, so you can go with the Canon M50. 

Canon M50 vs Sony A6000: Similar feature

  • Both camera screens can be flipped out, which helps capture tricky shots.
  • They support WiFi.With this connectivity, you can quickly transfer photos.
  • They have a battery level indicator. Whenever the battery gets low, it will warn you.
  • Both device viewfinder coverage is 100%. You can compose the image correctly whenever you capture the image.

Canon M50 vs Sony A6000 Specifications Chart

Specification Canon m50 Sony a6000
Image Canon M50 vs Sony A6000 Canon M50 vs Sony A6000
Editors Rating 4.8 out of 5 4.6 out of 5
Battery Life 235 shoots 420 shoots
Touch-Screen Yes No
Sensor Resolution 24.3 Mp 24Mp
Number of microphones 2 1
Weight 13.7 ounces 12.2 ounces
Dimensions 2.3 x 4.6 x 3.5 inches 4.72 x 1.77 x 2.64 inches
Color Black Black
Screen Size 3 inches 3 inches
Image Stabilization Yes Yes
Video Resolution 2160p 1080p
Flip-out screen Yes Yes
Has a flash Yes Yes
Support slow-motion video Yes No
Battery level indicator Yes Yes
Warranty 1 Year 1 Year

Features & Benefits of  Canon m50 and Sony a6000


If you notice both cameras, then you can see the Sony a6000 is shorter than the Canon m50. It’s broader and lighter than the Canon m50. The Canon m50 weighs 13.7 pounds, and the Sony a6000 weighs 12.2 pounds. The camera grip is different in shape, one Sony a6000 is larger, and another one is shorter. They have flash and hot shoes on the feature. Both camera screens can be flip-out, which will help to capture tricky shoots. The Canon m50 has a higher screen resolution than the Sony a6000. 

Battery Life

For a  professional photographer, battery life is essential. In this section, the Sony a6000 is one step ahead of Canon m50. At one single charge with a Sony a6000, you can take 420 shots. On the other hand, with Canon m50, you can take 235 pictures. If you are an outdoor photographer, the Sony a6000 is the perfect camera. Both camera batteries are removable and rechargeable. They have a battery level indicator at the time of battery low; you will be notified.


Both cameras have 100% Viewfinder coverage. Sony a6000 viewfinder is situated on the left side of the body. While at Canon, the m50 viewfinder is located at the center of the body. This feature composes the picture correctly when you capture the photo. With full coverage, you may crop the images for the perfect look.

Touch screen

These cameras have a 3 inches screen that can be tilted up and down. At Sony, the a6000 screen resolution is 921k dots, and it has a lack of sensitivity.

On the other hand, the Canon m50 has a higher screen resolution. Its touch capability is better than the Sony a6000. Both camera screens can be flip-out and rotated 180 degrees. In this section, Canon m50 gives you excellent service.


The Sony a6000 can record 1080p x 60 fps video. On the other hand, the Sony a6000 also has the same video resolution, but It can also record 4k video at 25p, but its crop is 1.6x on the sensor. That means that the field of view is decreased when recording 4k video. Another restriction is the autofocus only works in 4k video. The canon comes with a 3.5 input microphone. They come with APS-C sensors with a 24-megapixel. Both devices’ ISO is 100 to 25600, and Cano m50 can extend the level of 51200.


Canon m50 uses dual cosmos AF with 99 points increased to 143 with your selected lenses. These autofocus points cover all maximum lens areas. The canon m50 has a low light sensitivity. There is also eye and face detection. Eye detection only works in S-AF options on both cameras. A phase detection autofocus system is available for videos. The Canon m50 users can detect contrast when recording 4k video.


With Sony a6000, you can add wider function lenses for the E-mount system. In the recent 16-55 mm lens, you can zoom in to 2.8mm. There are many types of wide-range lenses, although some can be large and expensive.

There are only 23 lenses available for the Canon m50 EF-M lens mount. You can add more lenses to both cameras, but there is some problem with the Sony a6000; it can be slower than the other one.

Final word

Canon m50 and Sony a6000 can both be counted as your desired camera. But if you choose Canon m50, it can assure you of the efficient and impressive features, including higher ISO, higher resolution, and it also can be operated by touch screen. Now you have decided which camera is suitable for you.

Frequently Question Asked About Canon m50 And Sony a6000.

Did this come with a battery and charger?

You will get a rechargeable battery pack and a charger adapter when you purchase the camera.

Can I use this camera for macro photography?

Yes, you can. You have to buy microlens separately, and it works amazingly.

Is there a built-in flash?

Yes, it does. It has a separate flash button on the top center back of the camera. Just make sure the flash option is on.

Can I use the Mount on this device?

Yes, it has a screw-hole in the base for a camera tripod.

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