Canon Camera Not Turning On

Canon Camera Not Turning On


The Canon camera is not turning on at the exact moment when you need it. You want to capture a beautiful memory, and at that time, your camera rebels. 

Now, you wish this situation never happen again. So, what is the solution? But first, you should know the causes and then come to the keys. 

I have identified possible objectives for not turning on your camera and quoted them in my guideline. 

So, take a glance at the basis. 

What Are The Reasons For Not turning On The Canon Camera? 

These are some common grounds that cause the camera not to turn on. They are as follows –

Batteries not inserted properly

If your camera is not working, then the first thing you should do is to check the batteries inserted accurately. The camera will not turn on when the batteries are not placed according to the instruction. 

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Another thing for not functioning the camera may be the dead batteries. Dead batteries are not charged and do not give power to the camera. As a result, it will not open. 

Faulty charger 

When you set your camera batteries on a charger to charge, but the charger does not show an orange signal, it is undoubtedly a damaged charger. The wires in the charger are damaged, so it does not allow batteries to charge. 

Sometimes an orange signal does not show due to not setting the charger’s plug accurately to the outlet. 

Dirty terminal

Check for the battery terminals are dirty or not. If they are dirty, batteries fail to connect to the camera and do not give power. 

Lens or memory card not identified 

The lens or the memory card is a part of a camera. Lens gives the owner to capture subjects in a close range, and a memory card saves them in it. If they are not set perfectly, they prevent the camera from waking. 

Broken switch on both SD card door and battery door 

A switch is on both the sd card door and memory card door. Its function is to signal to the camera that the door is shut off fittingly and permits the camera to turn on. If this switch is broken, then the camera will not work. 

Broken power button

The power button is on the upside of the camera that can be broken due to rapid use. Also, sometimes the connections of the power button can be dirty as it faces dirt from the outside. You cannot operate your camera if any of the two happens. 

Wires connecting camera 

Wires that connect the power supply, motherboard, and other parts can be loose or damaged. If they are so, then the camera will not power on.  

Damage Camera 

If everything is okay and there is no problem with the camera parts, check for any physical damage to see if that destroys the camera. 


Below some solutions are given in match with the reasons- 


First, check whether the batteries are fully charged or not, and then insert them appropriately. Next, close the door correctly and power the camera on. If it does not turn on, check the batteries’ condition by applying them to another camera

If the result says, the batteries are faulty, replace them with the newer ones. Moreover, changing the charger is your priority if it seems damaged. 

Furthermore, clean the terminals with a dry, soft cotton cloth or clean brush for sustainable connection. 

Lens or Memory card 

Set the lens to the exact position, insert the memory card according to the instruction and close the door. Otherwise, the camera will not come to work. 

Broken switch or broken power button 

If the door switch is partly broken and in your hand, try fixing it. Then, try to reach the service center if the door is completely broken. 

Always clean the visible downside of the power button for better functioning. Replace the power button when it is out of date or broken. 


Following the manuals, you can open the camera and check whether the wires connecting parts are loose or tight. Tighten them if they are flexible. 


When the camera is not turning on, it feels giant pain. Now, if you follow all my above solutions, your pain will go away, and you will be able to capture photos and videos without any hassle. 

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