Canon 80D Vs 90D

Canon 80D Vs 90D – Learn the Differences & Get the Best One!


Canon 80D and 90D SLR cameras are perfect choices for any kind of professional usage. These two EOS series are built with impressive features; that’s why picking the right one is not an easy task. Well, before making your investment decision let’s check out the major differences between these Canon cameras. 

What Are the Differences Between Canon 80D and 90D 

Canon 80D Canon 90D
Canon EOS 80D DSLR Camera Price in Bangladesh | Star Tech DSLR | EOS 90D | Canon USA
Canon 80D comes with a 24.2 MP image sensor.  Canon 90D integrated with a 32.5 MP image sensor. 
This device is built with the DIGIC 6 image processor.  It works with the DIGIC 8 image processor. 
Canon 80D doesn’t include EOS iTR AF. It has the EOS iTR AF feature. 
Canon 80D isn’t built with the multi-controller feature.  Canon 90D has a multi-controller customization feature. 
The continuous shooting speed of the Canon 80D is 7 fps. Canon 90D’s continuous shooting speed is 10 fps. 
The 80D can record video at 1080p.  The 90D can capture video at 2160p.
The EOS 80D can take 1390 shots on a single charge.  The EOS 90D can capture 1500 photos with a full charge. 
This doesn’t offer automatic white balance settings.  This device has automatic white balance settings. 
The Canon 80D weight is 730g. The Canon 90D’s weight is 701g.
This SLR camera has a focus racking function.  You won’t find focus racking with this device. 
Canon 80D is Wifi and NFC compatible.  Canon 90D is built with Bluetooth And Wifi. 
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Canon 80D and 90D are integrated with impressive features, but as a photographer, if you are looking to step up to the next level of photography, then I strongly recommend Canon 90D for you. Why? Here’s the answer – 

Why Do I Recommend Canon 90D?

  • Canon EOS 90D lets you capture high-quality images since it is integrated with 32.5 Megapixels. Besides, Canon 80D has 24.2 MP.
  • The EOS 90D includes a DIGIC 8 image processor that gives faster operation even in lower light. Additionally, this delivers you a sharp and crystal clear, smooth image. On the other hand, the EOS 80D has a DIGIC 6 processor setting, which cannot deliver quicker performance like this one. 
  • The EOS 90D is integrated with EOS iTR AF, while the EOS 80D lacks this function. Anyhow, this intelligently detects and tracks the face. Moreover, this lets you automatically switch between the AF to optimize the face tracking when you want to click photos via the optical viewfinder. 
  • With its dual multi-controller feature, you can easily customize the camera functions while looking via the optical viewfinder. In contrast, Canon 80D doesn’t build with this handy feature. 
  • The EOS 90D lets you capture fast continuous shooting to ensure you capture once-in-a-lifetime moments since it has a 10 FPS continuous speed. On the other hand, the EOS 80D has a 7 FPS function.
  • Canon 90D lets you enjoy recording 4K videos, while 80D can record 1080p. Nevertheless, this device will give you stunning clarity and video resolution, which is amazing for videography. 
  • This 90D SLR camera can capture up to 1500 shots on a single charge. At the same time, the 80D lets you click 1300 photos. 
  • It is integrated with Bluetooth connectivity, but the 80D isn’t. However, the BT feature makes it easier for you to share images to other devices in no time. 
  • This is a lightweight device compared to the 80D. Hence, you can comfortably carry the camera when you need it. 

These incredible features make Canon EOS 90D a better SLR camera for professional photography. Hence, before making your investment decision, make sure you compare the features to make your investment worth it. 

Other Specifications of Canon 80D and 90D

Specification Canon 80D Canon 90D
Editor’s Rating  4.7 out of 5 4.8 out of 5
AF Points  Up to 45 Points Up to 45 Points
Size  3.09 x 5.47 x 4.14 inches 3 x 5.5 x 4.1 inches
Dust Deletion Feature Yes Yes
Focusing Screen Fixed Fixed
Shutter Speeds 1/8000 to 30 sec. 1/6000 to 30 sec.
Built-in flash  Yes  Yes
Focus Bracketing Yes  Yes
Warranty  One Year  One Year 

Similarities Between Canon 80D and 90D 

Image Stabilization

They have built-in powerful image stabilization. Hence, it effectively reduces the camera shake to assure you get any moment with sharp detail.  In addition, this feature is very handy since you will get smooth results on any moving subject. 

Optical Viewfinder 

Canon 80D and 90D features an impressive 45-point cross-type AF system so that you get high-speed, highly precise AF virtually in any kind of light. 

Camera Connect App 

These two Canon cameras are Camera Connect App compatible, making them effortless to use. With this installed app, you can remotely click images from a long distance. At the same time, you will get Live View from the compatible app, which is incredible.

Adjustable Screen 

They feature a 3-inch Vari-angle Touch Screen LCD, which is ideal for reviewing and composing photos. Simply tap on the screen during the Live View to take photos or videos. The touch feature makes it very easier to focus on the specific area of the subject in the image. You can also be swiping or zooming through the image after you click it. However, with the Vari-Angle Touch Screen, you can also easily click quality selfies and tricky shots. 


Canon 80D and 90D are built with a microphone port, as well as headphones. The microphone makes these cameras a great choice for capturing video. If you are seeking a device for vlogging purposes, these two could be your best option to choose from. 

Weather Sealed Option 

Since these are environment-sealed cameras, and you can take them anywhere you want for photography. Canon EOS 80D and 90D are withstanding any harsh environment, whether rain or dust. The devices will handle any dirt or water so that you can use them conveniently. 

Bottom Line 

Canon 80D and 90D SLR cameras can deliver you smoothing shooting performance every time. Both of them are built with outstanding features, but the EOS 90D is better than EOS 80D. 

Therefore, I strongly recommend you pick the Canon 90D instead of the Canon 80D. 

But the EOS 80D is also a great choice; if you like this device, you can choose this either. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Canon 80D and 90D

How many card slots are in Canon 90D?

Canon EOS 90D has only one slot, but this is not an issue since you can change the card when it is full. 

Can I transfer the photo to the iPad from EOS 80D?

Yes, the device is integrated with the Canon Connect app, which lets you effortlessly share images on the iPad. 

Does EOS 80D have an interchangeable lens?

Yes, it has an interchangeable lens.

Are they weather-sealed devices?

Yes, Canon 80D and 90D have an environment-sealed feature. 

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