Canon 6D vs 7D

Canon 6D vs 7D – Which Canon DSLR Is the Best Between Them & Why?


Canon 6D and Canon 7D are fantastic cameras from the Canon brand, but I recommend you pick the Canon 6D.

Why you should pick the Canon 6D?

  • It has a large sensor and the latest image-processing engine that help capture clear images with natural color, even in low-light settings. In contrast, the Canon 7D sensor is not large, plus its image processing isn’t much updated.
  • Canon 6D has an extended ISO of 100-102400 that helps to shoot long-exposure images better. The Canon 7D comes with an ISO range of 100-12800.
  • You will have a better run-time backup on this camera as it can take up to 1090 shots with a single charge. Contrary, Canon 7D can shoot only 800 shots per charge.
  • The weight of Canon 6D is 770g, besides its competitor’s 820g. Therefore, it’s very comfortable to carry anywhere compared to Canon 7D.

This advanced feature makes Canon 6d best than Canon 7d. So, choose this camera if you want an ideal one.

Similar feature

  • Both camera display sizes are 3 inches. The display size makes it easy to operate.
  • Their body has weather-sealed features, which protect your camera from the weather.
  • These two have a two-stage shutter system that helps you capture photos like a pro.
  • The Canon 6D and 7D have a serial shot mode that allows you to shoot multiple photos raw.
  • They have a battery level indicator that warns you whenever the battery gets low.

Canon 6D vs 7D Comparison Chart

Specification Canon 6D Canon 7D
Image Canon 6D vs 7D Canon 6D vs 7D
Editors rating 4.8 out of 5 4.7 out of 5
Weight 770g 820g
Product dimension 5.71 x 2.8 x 4.37 inches 5.83 x 2.91 x 4.37 inches
Sensor size  36 x 24 mm 22.3 x 14.9mm
ISO Range 102400 12800
Battery Life 1090 shots 800 shots
Support WiFi Yes Yes
Water resistance Yes Yes
Hot shoe Yes Yes
Two-stage shutter Yes yes
Battery level indicator Yes Yes
Warranty 1 Year 1 Year

Features & Benefits of Canon 6d and Canon 7d

Dimensions and Weight

When it comes to purchasing a DSLR camera, considering the weight and size are also essential. Canon 6D body weight is 770g, while the external dimension of this device is 5.71 x 2.8 x 4.37 inches. 

On the other hand, Canon 7D’s body weight is 820g, whereas its external dimension is 5.83 x 2.91 x 4.37. 


Canon 6D and Canon 7D both camera screen sizes are 3 inches. But the screen resolution of the Canon 6D is 1040k dots, while the Canon 7D resolution is 920k. They also have a hot shoe feature that can be used to attach a flash viewfinder. However, the Canon 7D has a flash, but the previous version does not have this.

Sensor & Focus Points

Canon 7D has an 18mp APS-C 22.3 x 14.9mm size sensor, including a DIGIC 5+ processor. On the other hand, Canon 6D has a 20mp  36 x 24mm sensor with DIGIC 5+ processor. As you can see, the 6D has a 2.6x Larger sensor area than the latter. 

A larger sensor allows you to capture quality pictures. Additionally, the 6D combines with 11 focus points. By contrast, the 7D offers 19 focus points, so it can focus on the subject better than its little brother. 


For a perfect picture, lenses are essential part. The number of lenses is a significant factor when choosing the right camera. There are 326 lenses available for Canon 7d Canon. On the other side, there are only 250 lenses available for the Canon 6d Canon EF lens mount. Image stabilization is also an essential part of any camera. But sadly, none of these cameras has an image stabilization feature. You can buy extra lenses for the image stabilization feature.


Canon 6D and Canon 7D both cameras come with Full HD 1920p x1080p video resolution. Canon 7D has phase detection autofocus for videos, and Canon 6d does not have this feature. Thus you can capture footage like a pro on the 7D rather than 6D. Anyhow, both cameras have 24p cinema mode used in cinema, but now it is used to create a film-like motion.

Battery Life

Canon 6D provides you with longer battery life than Canon 7D. It can take 1090 shots, whereas the 7D can take 800 photos. They come with the same battery power, 1040 mAh, but the Canon 6D could be your best bet because it can last for a longer time, making it an ideal device for the beginner. They have a battery level indicator. You can remove the battery or replace the battery if the battery gets damaged.

Other features

Canon 6d supports WiFi, but Canon 7d does not support WiFi. They have an external memory card slot so that you can add extra storage separately. These devices have a remote control, and you can operate these devices with the remote.


Both cameras have so many features that it was tough to choose one. Canon 7D has a better focus point, but the Canon 6D is the winner overall. It offers a better ISO range, higher sensor resolution, plus longer battery life. For this reason, I suggest you buy Canon 6D. Canon 7D is also a good camera.

Frequently asked questions about Canon 6d and Canon 7d

Does this camera come with a warranty?

Yes, it comes with a 1-year official warranty.

Does Canon 6D take videos?

It does. It can take full HD video. It’s as user-friendly as the 7D for video.

Does this come with a battery and charger?

Yes, this offers a battery with a charger

Is the 6d weather sealed?

Yes, for water splash or light rain. It is not recommended to use in the shower for an extended period.

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